Everything is coming up Philly.

From Philly.com:

Three days, 253 draft picks, hundreds of thousands of people booing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

And as Philadelphia recovers from hosting an estimated 250,000 fans at the weekend’s NFL draft, one other number stands out: zero arrests.

Philadelphia Police said Monday that the festival-style extravaganza passed peacefully; authorities did not even hand out any draft-related citations, according to a spokesman.

I’m sort of shocked. Not because Eagles fans are expected to get arrested, but because it’s damn near impossible to have any event with 250k people without a single arrest. So much for that nasty stereotype. Imagine if this event were held in LA? You’d have more gang shootings while the first pick was on the clock than the number of times Rich Eisen talked about someone’s wardrobe. Philly is loud and a little rough around the edges, but when it comes to actual crime, take your pick of LA, Kansas City, Oakland, San Fran, Cleveland, Dallas and so on– that’s where the actual bad shit happens.

Side note: This is the point where people send me a bunch of accounts of truly heinous acts that weren’t publicized.