Peter Laviolette Is Going Back To The Stanley Cup

I know there were a whole bunch of reasons why Peter Laviolette’s time in Philly was coming to an end, and he dared to start that one season 0-3, but I still marvel that this sentence is fully accurate and not in the least bit satirical: The Flyers fired Peter Laviolette in favor of Craig Berube.

In the annals of all things Philly, the Flyers firing a guy who has now taken three teams to the Stanley Cup in favor of the ultimate OB goon with virtually no prior coaching experience is maybe the most Flyers thing of all-time.

And he’s still got it:

It’s truly remarkable what Laviolette has done. I mean, I can’t believe he’s only the second coach to do so:


H/T to (@ripits247), (@grester32)

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33 Responses

  1. Fun Fact: During the 2012 lockout, Peter Laviolette was an assistant coach for one of his son’s teams in south Jersey. And he would yell at the kids just like they were NHL players.

    “For every shot that is wide of the net, we are skating a lap after the game!”

    1. Should the kids have been rewarded just for showing up? The guy has been a pretty successful coach at the highest level so maybe there is something to be learned from what he teaches.

    2. the little pussies should have done two for every high and wide plus whatever they are calling suicides now.

      Any competitive hockey kid should be all in with an playoff winning NHL coach on the bench.

      Parents probably still yelled at him acting like they were better coaches.

  2. But I can imagine T-Mac spent an hour talking about the fan who caught the foul ball. He was so excited about he jizzed in his pants. That’s all the guy cares about is fans catching foul balls.

    1. And shots of kids eating it out af a little phillies helmet. Christ, the phils blow.

  3. “Because of course he did” …. nails on a chalk board. So lame.

  4. So excited for a Nashville vs Pittsburgh Stanley cup matchup.

    Ratings will be through the roof as hockey fans from coast to coast will be enthusiastic about a professional hockey team from Nashville.


  5. Nobody gives a fuck about the NHL playoffs. Flyers are years away from doing anything with hexy working at a snails pace

  6. Don’t get why everyone is rooting for a Nashville hockey team. Fuck Nashville and fuck Carrie Underwood.

      1. The huge population of people from Pittsburgh who were smart enough to move out of pittsburgh says:

        Who didn’t know that? Pittsburgh is fighting with cities like Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, and any city in NJ for least worst.

    1. Nashville has a legitimate fan base and one of the highest attendances in the league. This isn’t The Florida Panthers.

    2. Me and my long hair and beard will fuck Carrie Underwood while I wear my 2008 WFC ring!

      Go Preds!!

  7. It looks like Lavi ate that team of kids he coached during the lockout.

  8. Will someone please explain that tweet? Is there a word missing or something?

  9. I would think that with the long history of the NHL, more than two coaches would have taken their team to the Cup finals

    1. according to the graphic in the top picture there were three other coaches other than Lavi

  10. while I do not profess to be the biggest NHL fan in the world, I have watched probably a dozen or so games during the playoffs, and have found almost all of them to be pretty exciting and competitive, regardless of the fact that the Flyers weren’t playing. I’ve tried to watch a few NBA games, and in each case, someone was up by 25 and the game was over by halftime.
    so please, speak for yourself when you say that NOBODY cares about hockey….

  11. Flyer franchise is such a joke. Go another 40 years without a cup while continually honoring and hiring former goons.

  12. Only reason I care about this series is to see Carrie Underwood.

    First to hear her sing the Anthem with her killer voice.

    Second to hopefully have her where a dress to see those hot, awesome legs!!!!

  13. The only people that hate on the NHL playoffs are guys who most likely are wearing their old ass Eagles jersey for the 100th straight day. Wash the damn thing. The NHL playoffs are way better than the NBA playoffs and obviously way more entertaining than the Phillies.

    And that 97.5 tweet sums up their hockey ignorance. He’s the 4th coach in NHL history to take 3 different teams to the Stanley Cup Finals. It took maybe 30 seconds to look up what they were supposed to say. But that takes editing and if you’ve seen their tweets in the past, its not exactly their strength.

    1. People like to say the NBA gets better ratings than the NHL. Well Lady Gaga sells more records than Kings of Leon and Bud Light is America’s best-selling beer. So, NBA=Lady Gaga and Bud Light. And NHL = Kings of Leon and Sam Adams. Maybe that will make more sense to the clueless.

  14. Another Holmgren disaster. Have you noticed Mark Streit, who made 5 mil, wore the A and played 20 minutes a game, does not crack the Penguins lineup? Even with Letang hurt. That means he’s their 8th defenseman.

  15. Hextall has the be held responsible at some point!

    Hire a college coach in Dave Haxstall who shows me nothing.

    Slow to bring up younger players when vets don’t get the job done.

    Still have goalie issues.

    How long can we keep sending out Lauren Hart to do the Anthem. Her voice is shot. Nashville can send out a Carrie Underwood when needed and we get Lauren Hart. Are we a second class city?

  16. Hey, I might not be Carrie Underwood but how about every few games when we dust off the old VHS and I get to sing along with Kate Smith.

    Also don’t forget my other claim to fame. I dated the very popular babe hound and formet weather guy, John Bolaris.

  17. Hakstol wouldn’t know jam if someone emptied a bottle of Schmuckers on his head.

  18. Just goes to show you what a disaster Holmgren was as a GM. Can’t ever hire someone from the outside though, we love our 70s nostalgia!

  19. I don’t like any jam on my sandwiches. That is way too crazy for my personality.

    Prefer just peanut butter.

    When will Flyers just fire me so I can collect my severence pay and go back to coaching at North Dakota State!

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