This Penn State Story Is So Outrageously Awful

There are two mind-blowing parts of the Penn State hazing death grand jury presentment, which has led to charges being brought against 18 Penn State frat members, some for involuntary manslaughter. First, from

At 4, Piazza tried to stand from his position curled up on the fraternity house floor, only to fall face-first into the hardwood floor. An hour later, he staggered into the lobby, stumbled, and hit his head on an iron railing before collapsing once more.

Grand jurors recounted other video footage from just after 5 a.m. showing a prone Piazza, clutching at his sides, as a fraternity member steps twice over his body – once on his way to grab a drink of water and again on his way back to his room. Another allegedly pulled out his phone to film the struggling Piazza before heading back to bed.

Sometime after 7 a.m., Piazza fell down the basement stairs again.

It wasn’t until three hours later that fraternity members Daniel Erickson and Kyle Pecci found the ailing pledge lying on his back with his arms clenched tight at his sides, breathing heavily and bleeding from a gash on his face.

Second, from Onward State:

The clearest evidence of a cover up comes from a deleted text from pledge Daniel Erickson’s phone, where he spreads a story that appears to have been fabricated to hide the fact the brothers waited almost 12 hours to call 911 after Piazza’s initial fall.

“If need be, just tell them what I told you guys, found [Piazza] behind an away bar the next morning around 10 a.m., and he was freezing-cold, but we decided to call 911 instantly, because the kid’s health was paramount,” Erickson wrote, according to the grand jury report.

Despite this, Gilmartin wanted to be sure the pledges kept things under wraps.

“Make sure the pledges keep quiet about last night and the situation,” he said in a text to Casey, to which Casey responded, “they know.” Casey also said to brother Lars Kenyon, “Find that groupme so there’s no evidence on tims [sic]phone.”

What a genuine piece of shit. At a certain point, being a frat boy caught up in frat boy things turns into being a criminal. That point was long before 4 a.m.

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35 Responses

  1. 409! 409! 409! 409!

    What a disgusting university from top to bottom.

    1. Yeah sure, the whole university is disgusting because of these punks’ actions.

      1. Just another example of rotten behavior attached to the school. The football program knowingly employed a child rapist for 35 years and all the knuckle-draggers from that school care about are their corrupt coaches 409 wins, never mind that about 100 of those wins came at a time when Paterno was more a glorified mascot than a head coach, but whatever.

        1. Knuckle draggers?? Leave the n1ggers out of this!!

          1. Disgusting. I can’t even begin to imagine how hurt his family must be knowing that his injuries were ignored for 11 hours and only addressed when it was obvious he was in critical condition. If you let your “friends” fall down flights of stairs repeatedly and do nothing to help, you might just be a gigantic piece of shit human being and deserve to be indicted for a felony. Sanctions obviously did nothing to teach this school a lesson after the Sandusky fiasco, hopefully the administration can maybe start to figure whats right versus whats expedient with this fiasco..

  2. I’m not even a PSU hater, but what a fucking fall from grace this school has had.

    Back in ’08 the one thing PSU could always brag about is that the school had a squeaky clean image that ” did it the right way”

    Fast forward 8 years later and their athletics program and student body has turned into a fucking disgusting culture.

    I can’t wait for the PSU defenders to chime in with -“duuuuurrrrrr but THON!!”

    1. Great Article, Kyle. You should do regular follow ups on this, it deserves the limelight.

  3. This is a sad story. What’s sadder is that people still feel the need to engage in these “bonding experiences” to “prove their worth” to a bunch of strangers that they so desperately want to be a part of. No thank you, I have self-respect.

  4. What do you call an older woman who likes younger men? A Cougar
    What do you call an older Man who like younger men? A Nittany Lion

  5. Graham Spanier & Louis Freeh:
    ” That investigation reaffirmed Spanier’s Top Secret security clearance, which he holds from being chairman of the FBI National Security Higher Education Advisory Board. In 2008 Spanier accepted the “Award for Excellence in Public Service” at FBI headquarters.

    Spanier was fired last November after having served as PSU president since 1995 and subsequently began consulting for the U.S. government on a project “relating to national security.” The details regarding his most recent federal gig—like which agency he works for—remain a mystery.

    Freeh, who was FBI Director from 1993 to 2001, has a mystique of his own. He is a member of the secretive group Opus Dei. The international Roman Catholic order, founded in 1928 and championed early by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, is dedicated to establishing its members in high political, corporate, and religious offices all over the world.

    1. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

      Are you saying this clears Paterno?

  6. Kid is seriously uncoordinated. I’ve been blackout many times and never hit half the shit this kid did in one night. Talk about an America’s funniest home videos winner.

  7. Yo a child is dead, a family has to grief forever now. Please stop.

    1. Seriously guy? Like anybody on here knows this lightweight degenerate.

      1. What does that matter? His alcohol history, I’m sure his mom is thinking about that…. “Well maybe if he was used to drinking he would of made it.” Sure fellow, sure.

  8. This situation could have happened at any University on any weekend across the entire country.

    As a matter of fact it often does and the kid sleeps it off or winds up in hospital.

    Unfortunately this one led to a death. Don’t blame the University. Blame the culture across this country of young people glorifying alchohol.

  9. So true.

    I have seen tons of incidents like this at College parties that only didn’t get attention because it stopped short of death.

    This could happen any weekend in any college party anywhere.

    1. sorry your university is disgusting now and your degree is tainted

  10. So 18 brothers will now have the chance for lots of “male bonding” in the slam.

  11. My stomach turned when I first read about this a couple days ago. Still feel the same.
    But alcohol is ok and Mary Jane is bad right, gtfoh…….
    I’d also say get rid of fraternities, they’re dumb af. Sororities still have a place tho

  12. JoePa Is innocent He didnt know about Sandusky , it would be like telling your grandfather…..he just wouldn’t understand! Joe Pa is the pride of PSU, it’s people like Sandusky and these frat guys that ruined his reputation.

  13. Even when i was in college i never understood the binge/power drinking concept. Things go bad quick in those situations and by time you realize it its too late and your fate is in the hands of those around you. Sad story.

  14. jail time for about 8 of these morons, well fucking deserved jail time……how fucking dumb do you have to be to not have someone designated sober and for safety watching over the entire night….so angry at the fucking stupidity here….fucking aholes will and should have their lives ruined for ignoring this kids preventable death.

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