This Represents The Entirety of Mike Missanelli’s Flyers Coverage Today

For what it’s worth, the biggest, most impactful local sports news of the weekend may have been the Flyers getting the second pick in what is thought to be a two-person draft in which they’ll now get a potential star center (likely Nico Hischier, who had 86 points in 57 games this year for the HALIFAX MOOSEHEADS). Here’s how that topic was discussed on 97.5 today:

Roughly 38 seconds.* This after an hour of manufacturing outrage over the Eagles’ mid-second round pick.

*I’m all for hockey people being ridiculous from time to time, but this is actually a pretty big deal.

For what it’s worth– we discussed the Flyers landing the second pick as the first topic on Crossing Broadcast this morning.


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  1. When I was 18, I sort of let my mistakes take over my life. I have a 7 year old daughter now because I decided to whore around Delco… i can’t wait til i’m 66, broke, and need meals on wheels.

    1. My Rip van winkle comment from the since shut down Leslie gudel comment section says:

      Wake me up when J.P. Crawford, Roman Quinn, Jorge Alfaro, Jake Thompson and Nick Williams, are finally in the big-leagues.

      Until then, I’m going back to rem(rapid eye-movement) sleep.

      1. You want a whole team of rookies? I’ll take the one that’s winning. Crawford will never be the Phils starting shortstop by the way. Galvis and Hernandez are your middle infield for the next 8 years.

  2. I’m sorry, did I miss all of the coverage Crossing Broad gave to the Flyers? The podcast doesn’t count because no one listens to that (or could listen to it because of the sound quality).

    1. This is a fake news post by Kyle…he just needed an reason to promote his podcast, so he found the scapegoat Mikey Miss hockey reason.
      Nothing to see here.
      Regarding the Flyers pick at two: super stoked for it, that said I have no idea who’s who in hockey draft news. g

  3. I went to the draft Friday after work and saw a couple chicks squatting down taking a piss. I’ve been jerking off to that mental the last 2 days

  4. Missanelli’s disdain for Flyers fans knows no limits. Any time (however minute) he spends talking Flyers is usually devoted to mocking them.

    And whenever someone points that out, he always goes back to the “I covered the Flyers back in the day for the Inquirer, so I know hockey” routine.

    Landing the #2 pick is huge. It could jump-start the Flyers.

    It’s a shame that the NHL scheduled the draft lottery on the same week as the NFL draft.

  5. I see what the Kyle is doing here. He’s trying to get mike miss and Martinez fired up to give the site a cheap plug … not a butt plug

  6. Did everybody read my mommy’s phillies novella? Roger Freed likes giving me anal. I’m 11!!

  7. Mikey miss, who stick is to make fun of the flyers, hockey in general. He has no knowledge or insight, won’t watch the sport unless forced too.

    What’s more appalling, is that Jason Myeratus, His producer takes daily abuse about hockey and continues to work with him…. myertaus plays hockey himself , works with flyers and has good knowledg on hockey….

    Last week, Mikey miss yelled at Jason for even watching the NHL playoffs

    Really pathetic we don’t have any other decent options , other then podcasts….

    1. Jason suffers from battered wife syndrome when it comes to Missy Mike

  8. Cue the no one cares about hockey commenters! They’ll post something like no one wants to talk about hockey because the draft just happened and OH MY GOD IT WAS IN PHILLY!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The only picks that any one cares about are the first two rounds. That was 3 and 4 days ago. Every radio show has interviewed every possible NFL guy at this point. It is boring now. I could not care less about some 6th or 7th round pick

  9. Leslie – the Nap Nanny was and is a GREAT PRODUCT !! I put my Son down for a nap in June 2012 and he is still, I guess sleeping ! Great job.
    Oh, you only like DARKIES too huh

  10. Step out from behind your keyboard and accept their invite to go on the air and do the two o’clock hour.

    1. Kyle knows the callers would chew him up and spit him out and expose him for the copy and pasting fraud that he is.

      1. Kyle accepted mikey miss’ challenge and was waiting to hear back from them on the details. We can all assume that that loser Mikey Miss simply shut it down to not get upstaged. Ya know since Mikey is absolutely horrible to listen to at this point and really isnt that knowledgeable as he thinks he is. Unless you like to listen to a fake tough guy know it all spout off a Goodfellas or a Sopranos reference while he plugs the lame alt rock music he listens too.. SAD!

  11. This is a perfect example of how someone who has never hosted or produced typically has no idea about what makes for compelling radio. Just because something is a “big story” doesn’t mean it will capture the attention or imagination of radio listeners. In this case, what’s the angle here that could sustain even a single talk radio segment/conversation in an interesting way?

    “Hello Philadelphia area sports fans, in our first opportunity to discuss the Eagles’ entire draft — including their controversial second round pick — let’s talk about the draft position (not even the selection itself) for a team that only a small fraction of you care about.” What else is there? The primer on Nico Hischier that fans everywhere have been clamoring for? I’m sure his coach at the Halifax Mooseheads has a tight schedule but maybe you can squeeze in a 5-minute interview for some perspective on the guy the Flyers MIGHT draft. With topics like that you’d probably break the Arbitron trackers due to unprecedented popularity.

    1. There was 3 full days including today reacting to their 1st and 2nd picks. What else could you possibly need to hear that would block out any type of news from the other 3 teams. This mentality is why people switch to podcasts and music every day

      1. Weekend listeners and hosts might as well be a different universe. A significant portion of talk radio listenership is driven by routine — especially in the drive time day parts. The idea that a sports talk station’s flagship program would spend any significant amount of time immediately after the NFL draft — on the first weekday after the draft ended — discussing the Flyers’ draft position (again, where they are drafting and not the pick itself) is absolutely ludicrous.

        1. I’m not saying do the show about a pick. But to Kyle’s point and mine, it isn’t asking a lot to spend more that 30 seconds on a fairly big story. It’s a 4 hour show. Would it be that bad to have a segment on the Flyers, on the flagship station? Bring Martinez or a hockey guy on to explain to the casual fans that the top 2 guys are supposed to be pretty good.

  12. Posts from Dan that are 3 months behind and so long and drawn out that no one reads them.

    1. 3 mins otherwise known as how long your wife gets it in the sack.

  13. That was the first topic you covered? I agree it deserves coverage but if your idea is just to do the opposite of whatever the sports talk stations are doing then this will be a really short run. What is more relevant, an nfl draft that just happened in this very city or a lottery that hardcore hockey fans care about but few others? Interested to hear something different sports wise in this town but if all you’re doing is just contrarian trolling of 97.5 and WIP then what’s the point? Just do your own show and ignore the radio, most people like myself who might listen to a podcast turned off local sports talk long ago. If it’s all just a reason to do more radio wars post and get mentioned by Missanelli then I have little interest. And you saying your first topic was the nhl draft lottery after the draft was in Philly this weekend has dropped my interest to zero.

  14. As a flyers fan I wish I could hear mikey miss, but the problem is I have two championship rings in my ears.

    Make sure to remind him when he flaunts the Eagles over the Flyers.

  15. The Mike Missanelli show is the last place on earth I’d think to look for or listen to hockey talk. His hockey knowledge is a joke and all he does is talk about hockey –the Flyers specifically– in a sarcastic and passive aggressive way.

    I hear that Jason Martinez (or however the fuck it’s spelled) talked too much about hockey and not enough Eagles while Mike was out with a sore back.

    I’ll stick to Hockeybuzz, NHL radio on my satellite radio, TSN, and the Hockey News for hockey talk and coverage.

    But, when I want to learn some general knowledge, the Mike Miss show is the place to be, yo!

  16. This right here is why I have “0” confidence in your ability to host even the 1 hour “show” you’ve been challenged to do by 97.5. “Maybe the biggest local sports news of the weekend”? Bro. I’m one of the Flyers loyalists that Miss rails on – and that’s STILL the stupidest thing I think I’ve ever seen you write. Did it deserve maybe a little conversation? Sure. But outside of MAYBE 20 active regular listeners, I bet no one can even NAME the two guys expected to go 1-2 in the NHL draft (over a month and half away, by the way) – let alone 3 prospects CURRENTLY in the system. Fuck – majority of the callers probably aren’t even aware the Phantoms moved to Lehigh.

    Miss is arrogant and pretentious – but even he isn’t arrogant or pretentious enough to claim the Draft, the the way this City was represented & represented itself, and picks weren’t the biggest story ON THE MONDAY after it ended. Thank God I haven’t decided to waste my time on the podcast if THAT is your “big story”.

    Oh. Your new surveys suck much more than the old ones, which I didn’t think was possible.

  17. Yeah, I figure bitching about the price of blueberry pancakes down the shore is more important and deserves more airtime than the Flyers landing the #2 pick. I make north of $500,000 per year, drive a free Mercedes and get all kinds of other free shit, but I’m such a fucking tight ass that I need to go on a rant about bing charged $9.99 for blueberry pancakes down the shore because I’m such an entitled little meatball. How dare they charge my $9.99 for blueberry pancakes!!! Don’t they know who I am? Next time my pancakes are gratis, BITCHES!!!

  18. Yeah, I figure bitching about the price of blueberry pancakes down the shore is more important and deserves more airtime than the Flyers landing the #2 pick. I make north of $500,000 per year, drive a free Mercedes and get all kinds of other free shit, but I’m such a fucking tight ass that I need to go on a rant about being charged $9.99 for blueberry pancakes down the shore because I’m such an entitled little meatball. How dare they charge me $9.99 for blueberry pancakes!!! Don’t they know who I am? Next time my pancakes are gratis, BITCHES!!!

  19. The great thing is that Mike’s only piece of trivial he rolled out, namely, that their chances of landing one of the top two picks being 2.2%, is just wrong. Each pick is 2.x, so the chance of getting one of them is like 4.x%. If Jim had written this, you better be sure it would have had that fact, and also be compelling and rich.

  20. I love to watch a bunch of foreigners skating around in circles. It’s better than sleeping pills!

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