And Dei Lynam Is Out at CSN

Neil Hartman.

Leslie Gudel.

Ron Burke.

Add Dei Lynam to that list– she tweeted today that she’s leaving the network:

It’s unclear whose decision this was (I’ll try to find out more), but Dei was obviously one of the network’s mainstays and one of their leading Sixers voices. Her departure comes on the heels of other of the more seasoned on-air personalities leaving over the past year or so as the network gets away from news and highlights and doubles down on debate-style and web videos.

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45 Responses

  1. She low key has a GIGANTIC sets of tits.

    She always hid them with her IPad or jacket while on air, but they are some bigguns.

    Just tough to not see her dads face when looking at her.

  2. All the shit teams she had to cover, now they’re finally getting good and she gets canned. Unreal.

    1. She tgz big? Amy fadool who can’t hold those puppies down. Yet covers the nips, or Would not be APG show. So who’s bigger and why can’t we see them

  3. firing her after covering the team during their shittiest period is a garbage human being move by CSN execs.

  4. She’s in her 40s/50s with decades of experience, they’d rather pay a 20-something fresh out of school ~30% of her salary to do the same exact job and pocket the remaining ~70%.

    1. and can totally capture the feel of the city LITERALLY through social media. “when do you think Joel Embiid should get a haircut Philly, let us know?”

  5. Hire her Kyle. She can provide a weekly column in December then follow that up with one in April. Where’s Leslie?

  6. There is a huge Sports TV Bubble coming and there has been a lot of collateral damage this year. ESPN just had huge layoffs, FS1 just recently had layoffs and Comcast has pretty much canned everyone from the original crew except Barkann. All of the TV contracts are overvalued because people are cutting the cord, the teams, the players and these sports networks are all overvalued. Just wait til 2021 when all of the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL TV Contracts are all up that decade and you will see Lockout’s galore. They need to go back to showing less games and make sports special again. Get rid of the Thursday Night Football Game, get rid of the Weekly NBA and MLB games on ESPN. Time for a correction.

  7. It’s the end of an era. Every area man of a certain age discovered his manhood with a 4:3 image of Dei in 240p with his hand around his pickle.

  8. Hate this firing! Dei might not be one of the hot twenty somethings but she is right up there in basketball knowledge.

    They did the same thing recently to Leslie Gudel.

    Unfortunately they are looking for the hotter younger types.

    I like Amy Fadool but if she keeps getting heavier you will also see her hit the road soon. I am not sure if her weight gain is due to a medical issue as she has really put on a lot of weight over the past year for someone still young. I actually had thought she might be pregnant but she is not.

    1. Same. I thought she was pregnant as well. The only answer that explains her crazy weight gain is that she is lazy as hell and does not exercise. She also probably eats way too much through out the day. For her being young still she has time to lose the weight. But currently it looks like she continues to gain weight. The only positive outcome of her weight gain is that her breasts have definitely grown.

  9. And yet Rob Ellis remains. How are actual talented people being laid off, let go, or being replaced by him. Does he work for cheap? Or is he so vanilla that program directors know that he will do whatever the company says and will never fight back.

  10. While Kyle I said busy dancing on the graves of those who’ve just been fired, a kind of a big deal trade just went down in the NBA. Chris Paul to the rockets.

  11. Those hot take/debate shows are hideous on ESPN and they will be hideous on CSN. Next thing you know they will start talking about social issues aka as whatever SJWs feel like is wrong with America. Maybe Marshall Harris can start sharing anecdotes about his trials and tribulations as a black man in racist America. Here is a little tip for CSN mimicking ESPN is not something you want to do.

  12. Ever notice how Passat drivers are overly cautious and Jetta drivers are almost always reenacting a scene from the Road Warrior ? I noticed this for a while

  13. The Northeast Time has an interview with Natalie Engenolf (spelling?) this week. She is gushing over Missanelli and what she is learning from him and 97.5. She acknowledges that she really loved WIP too and the guys there were great. Then she goes on to say that she enjoyed her bit on Angelo’s show but it is more like a morning zoo show and she wanted something different than that. She was probably tired of Angelo drooling at her.

  14. Natalie Egenolf is rivaling Amy Fadool in the weight gain department so not much of an upgrade over Dei Lynam.

    I’m sure she would be available at a much cheaper salary.

    1. I did not realize that Natalie has gained weight recently. I have not seen her recently. Can she be close to Amy Fadool’s size? Amy is now one heavy girl that looks bigger than Dei Lynam. Amy Fadool’s breasts size might even rival that of Dei’s.

  15. Makes me hate Comcast even more and am glad I have been a Verizon customer the last 9 years. A crap move. She knew her stuff and the players respected her. CSN is a complete joke. Even worse than ESPN and they suck.

  16. I cant tell you how many times a late night host (the ones after 10pm) would have D on to talk Sixers and she would be so fucking drunk it wasnt even funny. Slurred speech, rambling, incoherent nonsense. We used to have to make a decision whether or not to continue the interview or to cut her loose mid sentence..I used to watch Postgame live solely to see if she had hit the bottle during the game..

  17. She has definitely gained weight over the past couple of months. Can she be pregnant or just gained weight on her on. She also needs to cover her flabby arms.

  18. Tim and Dei were not fired ………………….. Amy Dafool ate them ……………………………………..

  19. (Now September … )

    And with still no news of pregnancy, Amy Fadool is noticeably fatter than ever. How is personal appearance NOT a job requirement for on-air TV talent?

    Are they intentionally playing to the fat women demographic?

    1. And now we are in December and still no pregnancy news. But Amy is continuously gaining weight and no seems to be telling her that she should be wearing clothes that fit her.

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