Hey So Sixers Season Tickets Are Basically Gone

Yesterday the Sixers announced that they had sold 14,000 season tickets and lead the league in new season ticket sales. I figured I’d check to see what was left available for full season ticket packages. As you can see, NOT MUCH!

They are presumably holding some back for small packages. Reader (@ChrisOteri) points out that he was able to call his rep and get a partial plan yesterday. But it looks like the Sixers are now poised to take full advantage of their StubHub partnership. Since all of their single-game tickets are sold through the secondary market, it is impossible to tell which tickets on the site come from them and which come from regular fans and ticket holders. And we have no idea how many tickets the Sixers are holding back for those sales.

Regardless of the process, the end result is that the days of cheap StubHub tickets are likely over. With the team expecting a sellout every game and having sold 75% of the building just on season tickets alone, don’t expect too many bargains on the secondary market, including from season ticket holders looking to unload theirs (I suspect the Sixers have a pretty advanced system for weeding out scalpers from their customer base). In fact, I’d expect very, very expensive tickets on StubHub. That sound you here is Joshua Harris building another yacht, and then a moat in which to store the yacht, accessible by custom helipad, on Mars.

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26 Responses

  1. Danny Ainge is a winner with rings . Way to go ainge. Great how he illustrated the whole thing. I admire his demeanor in that not breaking the bank for jimMy butler and not drafting that scumbag women beater josh Jackson. That was a boss statement.

  2. Hey isn’t there something big going on with the Flyers tonight? Can’t put my finger on it… I think they have a franchise changing draft pick or something? Oh well, let’s just get back to talking about what Embiid’s last tweet was.

  3. I would have gone to Ladder 15, I’ve had fun the few times I’ve been there. Lots of fishscale flowing through that place. Anybody show up?

  4. Do you know who I am? I’m Moe Greene. I made my bones when you were still banging cheerleaders!

  5. Anyone else annoyed at how Kyle pronounces Saric as Schaaarggishk? This is America, it’s Sar-ik you liberal PC pussy.

    1. The fact that you know how Kyle pronounces ANYTHING means you should re-think what you’re doing with your time and then kill yourself.

  6. I’ll ignore the fact he looks like a complete DB.

  7. What they are doing is making a futures bet. Assuming Philly becomes the next Golden State they lock up the rights to the season tickets now. In a few years those desirable seats will sell for a high premium. If you know you could profit on all 41 games plus the rights for playoff seats in the same location it’s a great investment. Let’s say you had floor seats. I don’t know the face value for center court but say it’s $1000 a seat. Two Golden State center court first row floor went for close to $100,000 in game five. Would you invest $12,000 a season if you could double your money every year. The brokers who buy these seats know exactly what they are doing. Most of the brokers work together. Not all the tickets are purchased by brokers. Many of town’s law firms buy a big block of seats to take their clients to games. Accounting firms, insurance companies, drug companies, you name it. As the team wins more there will be ticket price increases. The days of the cheap tickets are over. They are going to scale them like MSG. Even though the Knicks are bad the good tickets have a high face value.

  8. That’s total BS. If anything they want good tickets to be sold at high prices. It creates great publicity. When celebs show up at Knicks games on millionaires row where do you think they are getting the tickets. Do you think the team owns all those seats and doles them out. They are all owned by brokers. Celebs call their agents and tell them they want to go. The broker that holds the block of that row sells them to the agent. The only place regular people owned floor seats was in OKC.

  9. I come on this site and the first two adds I see are for B-dubs. Thank god I’m to old to do surveys

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