Joel Embiid and Howard Eskin Trade Shots on Twitter

There are few things I love more than when local athletes wade into the fray on Twitter. To be honest, with the exception of a few Eagles pushing back against the media over the years, we haven’t seen much of this since Nikolay Zherdev accused Tim Panaccio of being in the Russian mob. So color me tickled (can you do that?) that Joel Embiid gleefully put a cap on #RTArmageddon yesterday with this dagger through the cold, misunderstanding heart of Howard Eskin, the Darth Vadar of the resistance Tweet attack:

Eskin, rather than just take the L, kept fighting:

Embiid also got his swings in on Bucks owner Wes Edens, whose daughter Jojo (smartly) follows on her blazing Instagram:

The best thing about Embiid is that he’s so damn likable while he’s taking swings. Even Wes Edens probably read this and was like, “Ohhhhh, Jojo, guy! You got me!”

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19 Responses

  1. Simmons, Embiid & Fultz are 3 big question marks right now.
    Embiid has 30 games under his belt while Simmons and Fultz haven’t logged one minute of pro ball yet. I don’t trust your process socers fans

    1. So then don’t, nobody told you too. You have an opinion, unfortunately everyone can have one even, someone like you. #trust the process or get out the way. The time is now

  2. yooooooooooooo why does big cuz act like a 3 year old that doesn’t get his way when he disagrees with calls about the sixers?

    1. cause he is a really angry dude since moving to mornings… hard to believe that he is actually rougher to listen to than caltadi. who wants to listen to an angry dude in the morning?

      1. howard eskin is and always has been a jackass. he was wrong. all he had to do was say, yeah, I was wrong (he NEVER has). I hope you are healthy and good luck….nope, he has to “spin” it. just like all the others….angelo, ant, rhea…they all make me sick…everytime rhea brings up the fact that she “despised” the tank, she has a different reason….and the fact that not one of them had an alternative, then they can just stfu. I’m no hinkieite, but the sixers have ben irrelevant for the past 15 or so years since AI left. now, everyone is talking about them, everyone is excited about the possibilities, and everyone is snatching up tickets. seriously, where were they in the four years prior to Hinkie? Brad Greenberg? Billy King? Mo Cheeks? one failed regime after the other. I’m trusting the process and hoping for the best. Go Sixers!

  3. I hate the fact that I am even defending Eskin here but he didn’t say anything wrong here. His tweet that Embiid responded to originally only said that Saric may not come over, which was true at the time. He had a contract in Europe he had to get out of. And then his follow up tweets are encouraging Embiid to stay healthy and play more. Please stop trying to divide the whole fan base. It’s pathetic

    1. his tweet said that Dario will NEVER come over.. And the rest of the tweets are just Eskin sucking dick yesterday like he usually does with tall black guys.

      1. Do you know how to read? Eskin’s tweet literally says Saric may not come next year”, again which was true at the time. And yes, Embiid needs to play more than he has. Now excuse me while I throw up for defending Eskin twice now.

  4. Bob c00ney is pretty good on the radio. If wip or 97.5 are smart they would hire him to do some sixers shows

  5. Typical Kyle, making something out of nothing. Eskin is right btw this team is full of nothing but question marks, yet hipster dorks who blow hinkie are already touting it a success.

    1. Hinkie’s plan was logical – stockpile young talent. It blows my mind everyone who supported this is now labeled as a “hipster dork.”

      If you weren’t so far up your own ass you would realize the Sixers are unquestionably in a more desirable position now than they were when Hinkie took over. Of course its speculation but you cant truly believe we would be better off if we went ANY other direction with this thing.

  6. God damn. Between this post and the other you’d think we just won three straight titles. Kyle – Sixers still have not won shit, nor even proven to be relevant. Just because we were able to move from 3 to 1 doesn’t suddenly mean that all who disagreed with the process are wrong. I don’t understand calling those opinions out at this point in time accomplishes? Those people still very well may be right.

    Think about how stupid these two posts will seem if Embid becomes an injury riddled bust, for instance.

  7. Knicks fielding trade offers for Porzingis today per Woj Bomb! Possible 76ers offer:

    Dario Saric, Jahlil Okafor, and outr first pick this year.

    Kristaps Porzingis

    Starting lineup next season: Simmons, Bayless, Covington, Porzingis, and Embid

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