More People May Have Watched The US Men’s Soccer Match Than Hockey Last Night

On Friday, I was on 97.3 ESPN in Atlantic City and asked if soccer would become a major sport in the US on par with the four others. I said it would first topple hockey (obviously) but that it would take a truly remarkable run by the US Men’s team or legitimate stars in their prime playing in the MLS.

Or just a random World Cup qualifier against Mexico.

These are just preliminary numbers, but according to these two Tweets, the US-Mexico match last night may have outdrawn Game 6 of the Stanley Cup:

I’m not good at math, but 4.5 + 2.3 comes out to… carry the 2… 6.8. The estimated range for Game 6 was 6.7-7.3. That’s not great considering the Penguins were playing in a tied, tight and controversial clinching game on NBC proper while the soccer game featured a rather uninspiring effort on a network no one watches (FS1).

The fact that a non-World Cup, non-championship soccer match went toe-to-toe with the best hockey has to offer is more indicative of soccer’s rise rather than hockey’s decline– Game 6’s 4.8 rating was up from 3.7 last year. But still, while the MLS may have a ways to go, soccer, as a sport, is big-time.

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14 Responses

  1. They are counting the Mexicans who watched. No real Americans watch soccer.

    1. They added together the numbers for the US and Mexico for the soccer match, but did not add together the numbers for the US and Canada for the hockey game. Also, the soccer match was being promoted in Mexico as some kind of grudge match against/rebuke of Donald Trump. There would have been much more hoopla about the result had Mexico won.

  2. London Chief of Police Cressida Dick (no lie) (female bull d y k e) says she is proud of the diversity of the victims in the London Bride attack.

  3. So it counted two countries for soccer but only 1 for the hockey game? I think this should be a slight on soccer if what you say is true and they only won by .1. But ripping hockey is the thing to do these days. Espn does it, sports radio does it. I’m not surprised by a misinformed article like this

  4. Dumb fucks, they’re not combining two countries, they’re combining two stations. The game showed on Univision and FS1, both American stations. It makes sense to add them. Some watched on one, others watched on the other. People are fucking dumb as fuck.

  5. I don’t really care who wins at ratings but you have to remember both Americans and Mexicans living in the US watched the soccer game. I highly doubt any Mexicans tuned into Game 6. The soccer game had the advantage of a more diverse crowd.

  6. Some butt-hurt (and xenophobic) hockey bros in this comment section not understanding that Univision is a US-based network. If the English telecast of USA-MEX were on FOX instead of FS1, soccer takes this round easily. Hockey fans also love to overestimate the popularity of their sport nationally. THERE IS NOT BIG 4! Step outside a handful of strong markets and hockey is a secondary sport just like soccer. There are already regions of the country where soccer is bigger than hockey, to those tools who’ve never left their East Coast bubble.

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