Sons of Sam Shirts Now Available!

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Our designer Conrad Burry has outdone himself again. Printed on super-soft poly cotton blend, SOS is coming for the league.

Note: Shirt will ship with correct numbers once they are confirmed.

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24 Responses

  1. Stop trying to force feed Sixers nicknames just because you want to sell a few shirts. Kevin Durant is 100% correct, let us all take a deep breath and let these kids play some ball before we rejoice them as saviors of the city of Philadelphia.

  2. These shirts are the equivalent of a barely made its way out wet fart

  3. uh oh, this is the kiss of death. Whenever Kyle gets excited about something and decides to make a horribly designed t-shirt about it, that means it is doomed to fail.

  4. Anybody catch Lavar ball on monday night Raw last night.

    that guy is like a bad case of herpes -shows up at the wrong time in the worst possible spots

    1. Lavar has some Ugly sons . The youngest ball son looks like a rooster

      1. Yea they are ugly. Not at all marketable. But the dad is growing on me after his showing on Raw.

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