The Best of #RTArmageddon

Credit to the Rights To Ricky Sanchez guys for launching #RTArmageddon today. For those who don’t know, the moment the trade became official, Sixers Twitter unearthed the worst anti-Process takes from the past four years. Here are some of the best:

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27 Responses

      1. “The Bucks just acquired the next Jason Kidd in Michael Carter-Williams”.

        This tweet, besides Howard Eskin bloviating out of his blowhole, is my favorite of the entire bunch.


  1. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Howard Eskin getting punched in his mouth by Sam Hinkie.

  2. Mikey miss is fakin jacks he doesn’t know basketball all that much. He didn’t even know vince Carter and McGrady were related, sh!ts common knowledge

    1. His top five is jordan, LbJ, kobe, magic, bird. Any run of the mill semi nba fan could throw that bs out there

  3. “What the @Sixers are doing to their fanbase is an absolute ATROCITY. The commissioner should intervene. ”

    It’s hard to call Screamin A “wrong,” exactly, since that’s what actually happened.

  4. Some of those takes were spot on. I hope we win the Finals multiple times for years to come, but in sports you have to look at results, Hinkie had a plan for tearing down, but was doing a poor job of making concrete moves for the future. Plus remember the Sixers still haven’t actually won 1 playoff game as of yet and had to crawl through a lot of $h!t to get to this point. Golden State was a horrible franchise and they didn’t have to “Trust the Process” to become 2 time champs, they didn’t have top #1 picks either. Hinkie as a GM did do a great job of amassing assets and played that part of being GM very well, but he was a horrible talent evaluator and bad in the PR/leadership department. I don’t mind giving Hinkie some credit for putting us in this position, but there was no guarantee that he would have drafted Simmons or that he would make this deal for Fultz. Some hardcore Hinkie disciples are still upset that we are giving up one(!) extra pick to grab him, they prefer to have us in a perpetual state of adding assets, just to add assets. In the NBA if you add 2-3 star players , you can contend for a title, all Hinkie drafted in his years with multiple chances was just one star (Embiid). I would be curious if Hinkie got back into the league, as I feel he would a great assistant GM and can learn to work on his glaring weakness and maybe then have his detractors like me really eat crow. As it stands now, he won’t get a ring from the Sixers and has to do with that loser banner hanging up at Xfinity live.

      1. Nahhh never a big fan of MCW in modern NBA, now Jrue Holiday, a PG with length that could shot and defend. Hinkie signed Covington and saw something there, but he had a ton of time to find other talents, but he came up short. Tony Wroten, Hollis Thompson, Canaan are just a long list of guys that got minutes that were never worth it. They still could have lost while developing talent for the future and even trading that talent, but those rosters were just a black hole, because Hinkie was a very poor talent evaluator.

    1. Nonsense. Hinkie brought us Covington who has developed into a solid player. He also drafted Saric and Embiid — which one of them will be Rookie Of The Year. He also knew that MCW was garbage despite his ROTY honors which gave us the Lakers pick. The word is that Noel is going to be getting a max deal this off-season so that says what kind of player the league thinks he is. Hinkie traded away garbage to the Kings and basically got us Fultz in return.

      Stop refusing to acknowledge the genius of Sam Hinkie.

  5. So what’s the over/under on the total games Fultz will play this season? I’m guessing around 25. As soon as he hits the Sixers facility you know he’s going to get hurt.

  6. The thing I can’t stand about all of these people is the lack of “I was wrong.” They’d rather dig in, make up excuses, pretend anyone could have done what Hinkie did, that it was still somehow bad, etc. than just admit they were dead wrong and The Process worked.

    I’ve noticed that several radio hosts have made up this Hinkie contingency where they are rooting against the Sixers because of how the organization wronged Hinkie. These people do not exist. This is hosts creating a mythical faction of people in order to have an enemy to mock and to pretend there are some equal amount of people out there who are just as wrong along with the Process deniers. The fact is, Hinkie/Sixers fans know that The Process did work, continues to work and when this team wins, Hinkie will be proven correct and the Hinkie-ites will be able to stick it in the faces of all the naysayers until the end of time. The idea of any Hinkie-ite NOT wanting the Sixers to succeed is silly.

  7. why is that 97.5 morning show host gargano such a baby fan boy. he gets really cranky with any sixer call he disagrees with

  8. People like you, Spike Eskin, and any other Hinkie worshipper are what’s wrong with our fan base. What, are we not allowed to root for the Sixers until we worship at the feet of Hinkie? You weren’t ever skeptical that this would work in the last 4 years? You knew the plan the whole time I guess. You knew that Noel, Okafor, MCW were all just drafted top 7 to trade them right away? You knew when Embiid sat out 2 years that it was all good. Its all a plan. Shut up and just enjoy the next few years like a normal person.

    1. Not sure if you’re in the dumb fan category, possibly/probably.

      What Hinkie worshipers recognize, and state as the basis of faith, is that the Sixers were bad/irrelevant for a long time before Hinkie, going nowhere fast. Very few anti-Hinkie folks will agree to such (the first division). The team that beat the Bulls in 2011 was a fluke, not repeatable. Trading for Bynum was a reasonable gambit, that failed horribly. What were the Sixers to do? They had no star power like Boston to flip, they at the time weren’t bad enough to get top-end draft talent, they had no young nucleus to entice FA with a path to easy playoff appearances.

      Hinkie had a plan, suck and draft excellent talent, scour the once-over-bin for diamonds in the rough. The only two players that the Sixers arguably missed from the Land of Reject Toys were Dwayne Dedmon and Tim Fraizer. The Sixers draft miss is Okafor, kinda Noel, but probably not pending his resigned contract with Dallas (and the Sixers owners having the money, but not wanting to spend it).

      The fact that some fans (Hinkie worshipers) got hip to a new way of thinking, found joy in an otherwise horrible product (Sixers ball had been bad from Iverson’s last year here till yesterday) has the conventional short sighted folks butt hurt because they know they missed the bus. You can still celebrate any future glory, we can’t identify you to kick you off the island. But, you won’t enjoy it as much as we will. You know you are wrong, and doubling down on being wrong won’t make you any closer to correct.

      We will enjoy the Sixers’ seasons to come. And when nay sayers and idiots try to pretend they know what they’re talking about, we’ll be there to smack them down that they don’t (Hayes, Smallwood, Bowen, Jiradi, H. Eskin, Cataldi, etc. etc. etc.). Why? Because it’s fun being a fan!

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