The Eagles Made a Run at Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin signed with the Ravens. But Mike Florio reports that the Eagles indeed kicked those fucking tires.

From Pro Football Talk:

Publicly, Eagles coach Doug Pederson expressed no interest in bringing receiver Jeremy Maclin back to Philadelphia. Privately, the Eagles did.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Eagles indeed attempted to reunite with Maclin, who played for the team from 2009 through 2014. The Eagles have very high regard for Maclin, and they wanted to make an effort to secure his services.

GOD DAMMIT. They are so predictable. Their desire to turn back the clock to the Andy Reid years would disgust me if I wasn’t so damn creeped out by it. MOVE ON. Never mind the fact that THEY DON’T NEED JEREMY MACLIN.

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18 Responses

  1. I just came out to my wife. She kicked me in the balls and took a shit in my car.

  2. He was caught giving coffee to MCW free of charge.

  3. Hope maclin breaks his leg next year after fucking over the eagles twice

  4. Jeremy Maclin is also getting a lifetime supply of free crab cakes(courtesy of Jim’s seafood).

    1. He is? We got you now boy, our suspect clearly had his balls and schlong chopped off!

  5. i cant even comment on site without being inundated with ads. how hard up for money is kyle? jesus christ dude get an investor or get a different job.

  6. J-Mac made the right decision. The Bills are a MESS. Have been for a while. As for Philly….”Never go back to an ex-lover”…The Ravens are respectable and he might help them get to the next level. Ravens are getting a very good WR–if his ankle is OK. There have been rumors that he has a bum ankle and can’t cut like he used to. But those are just rumors. Jimmys crab cakes for life too baby

  7. So many struggles in OKC, a team that rivaled the Nets in ineptitude. All those last place finishes, never making the playoffs.
    Then joining Golden State, a team devoid of stars. They would be lucky to win 25 games without KD. With him they ran through the league like a buzz saw in one of the most remarkable turn arounds in years. His poor, suffering mother. Living in poverty in a mansion in overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. What a story. It brings most men to tears.

  8. This photo is as lame as it was the first time you used it – MONTHS AGO.

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