This Is The Stupidest Sh*t I’ve Ever Read

I promise I tried to find SOMETHING sports to write about this morning. Alas. I can’t hate-fuck the Phillies with my fingers, so I’ll just bring you this bit from NBC 10 vice president of news Anzio Williams, who spoke to about his station coming in number one in the 11 p.m. newscast in the 25-54 demo, beating Action News for the first time since 2004. Here’s Williams talking about millennial viewing habits:

“We know that a lot of folks don’t have TVs,” he said. “I talk to a lot of folks, 30 and under, who don’t have a TV in the house.”

That’s why, he said, “we have to be in this social media space…so that when they do turn on that TV, they already have a brand relationship.”

I actually like the NBC 10 news broadcasts. My wife grew up in an NBC household watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from New York – which was a big point of contention around the holidays and almost cost us our marriage – and endured long enough to switch me over from ABC and Action News. So I’ll admit that NBC 10’s local newscasts, as far as local newscasts go, are pretty good.

HOWEVER, this quote from Williams, without further context, is really stupid.

First off, he seems to be concluding that young people who don’t have TVs will eventually get one. I’m pretty sure most people sans boob tube don’t have them because they don’t want or need them, not because they just haven’t gotten around to getting one yet. More likely– when young people say they don’t have TVs, they usually mean they don’t get cable. Most people have a large screen on which they watch video content. The notion that #millennials who currently don’t watch local news will eventually start doing so is laughable. Newsflash, news VP: THEY’RE NOT TURNING ON THE TV. Like sports networks and ESPN, local news needs to figure out a way to monetize outside of their traditional broadcast. Most of the local stations – NBC 10 included – do a great job of making content available online. But if they’re going to survive in the long-term, that content has to be self-supporting. They can’t just wait for young people to come around on that whole TV thing.


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  1. Our icecaps are melting and this f@#%er is complaining about local news media tweets????

  2. your take on media is laughable and naive. You’re like the guy in good will hunting that is trying to impress the girl because he read one book

    1. I was just hoping you could give me some insight into the evolution of the market economy in the early colonies.

      1. Fascinating take, Kyle.

        It’s so refreshing to get a laymans opinion on the media market here in Philadelphia. I’m sure the suits at NBC 10 appreciate the feedback. Maybe next you could write an article to give Doug and Howie some ideas on football operations over at the Lync? As a fellow outsider and amateur enthusiast, I’m always freely offering my opinions to them as well in hopes I can be of some assistance in “righting the ship” so to speak.


      2. Wood drastically underestimates the impact of social distinctions predicated upon wealth, especially inherited wealth.

        1. They don’t have kids so they don’t need a TV yet. Once they grow the F up, find a procreation partner and spit out a few offspring, they will figure out fairly quickly that the big screen on the wall is pretty much a necessity, unless you want to fry your kid’s eyes and brain by letting them watch everything on their iPads, not to mention movies. Movies suck on small screens. You tolerate Anchorman 2 on your iPad to pass the time while flying to Tampa but sitting on your couch? Nope.

          1. tv is an addiction like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc.
            don’t believe me? when your offspring are watching tv just walk over and turn it off. watch their reaction…it’s like taking heroin from an addict.
            think that’s good for them? no, it’s not.

    2. Nothing on Dale Jr. not being forced to drive the Eagles car at Pocono?

  3. “This Is The Stupidest Sh*t I’ve Ever Read”

    This can’t be true. You’ve read Smallwood and Hayes.

  4. You are a blogger whose whole life is the Internet and over the years it is clear how biased you are.There are a lot more people in the world than your white college educated bubble. Local news is struggling for sure, but let’s not let facts get in the way. Comcast is GAINING subscribers, go ahead and google it yourself. When people age out of going to bars every week… they want… television. This whole tv is dying is complete nonsense. Just because your group of friends has certain viewing habits doesn’t mean the rest of the world does.

    1. The days of channel surfing are numbered. The only ppl left doing that are the ones that have a habit of doing so. Sure ppl want tv, but they’re firing up netflix, casting youtube, hulu, etc. Amazon prime is another. Sifting through the live TV lineup is dying method, it just is

      1. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser

  5. Kyle’s little blog where he goes on and on about other people who have actual credible news positions. Then, once the trolls launch an attack on his copy & paste articles, he gets all “holier than thou” and calls out their IP addresses. Kyle, go have another OXY that you pay for with the ADs and Surveys and throw in another batch of chicken tendies because this site is FILTH, people come for the comments bashing you, not your opinion.

    1. Before Kyle had all the surveys and advertising he used to suck caack for perc 30s. Go ahead Kyle post my IP address and call the cops I don’t give a fuck

  6. Jim would’ve come up with a sports story for us….It would’ve been shitty, but is would’ve been about sports at least.

  7. Agreed kyle. I believe it’s the only the ol’ timers barking in the comments that object to what you’re saying.
    And if it’s not this generation, the next one coming up is the ones that’ll snuff out traditional tv viewing. Kids today know only ipads and youtube and netflix, belie da.
    Sports are the only thing cable have left

    1. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser

      1. no, he shouldn’t. I hope the City doesn’t get the draft just to spite phony cuz

    1. Judging by how far she sat away from you on the couch in your nest egg videos she was never truly there.

  8. You have been doing this a lot lately, baiting readers with an outrageous headline. Yes, this is kind of stupid, but how many people care? How much do you really care? The answer is that no one does, but you just wanted people to read it. For long term success in any business, you need customer/consumer loyalty. This garbage headline makes your readers lose trust in you. You used to different than the other sites that do this sort of thing.
    Keep it up….and we will all disappear.

  9. The draft petition might be the saddest sports radio idea in this city’s history. The Cuz nearly wet himself when SCHEFTY! told him Dallas may get it next year. I’m surprised he didn’t need time off again after devastating news like that. Maybe MCW took an uber to the station to give him his 6th primos of the morning. You know because she’s in her 30s, unemployed, and doesn’t have a license.

    1. LOLOLOL MCW served me my coffee at 30th St Station, she said she is holding out hope for a radio position in NJ. When the Bro and Shraider talked about how the CUZ thinks Pottsville,PA might as well be Georgia because he is so SOUF PHILLY on the radio this morning I nearly kamikazed my car into the car next to me on I-95. When will the SCUM on the radio realize that they are the main culprits of why we will never win in this city.

  10. They said I couldn’t do it. They said it was impssible. Yet here I am, single-handedly ruining decades of 6ABC and Action News dominance.

  11. “This Is The Stupidest Sh*t I’ve Ever Read”

    You’ve obviously never read your own blog

  12. Not bad Kyle not bad. But the truth is once you have children you need a tv. They lose their shit when cable goes out when watching Mickey Mouse. With bout cable at all would be hell.


    WHY DOES HE CALL 10 XX and get 20 Minutes EACH C ALL !


  14. You have for sure read shit that was more stupid than that article. That being said NBC10 is the best out of the three.

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