Luwawu-Caborrot Has Knee Tendinitis

Photo credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, FOLKS. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Just a common knee inflammation that most certainly won’t result in a delayed return, weeks of miscommunicated faux updates and, eventually, season-ending surgery. Nope. Just a common knee thing.

From some Turkish outlet:

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot left the French National Team training with an injury. The 76ers guard will miss Eurobasket with a patellar tendinopathy.

Calling it patellar tendinopathy both reminds me of Chase Utley’s weird need thing and scares the shit out of me. Socially, we’ve agreed that tendinitis is not much to be alarmed about, but someone forgot to the inform the Turkish translation that two big words put together with latin suffixes* makes it sound so much worse. TLC doesn’t want to see no (doctor) scrubbbbbbbbbs. No, no, scruuuuuubs.

*I have no idea if those are Latin.

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  1. Any word on why Sean Brace was cut from the weekends on Fox? I heard he was reading from the tele-prompter and could not pronounce a few words.

    Back to weekends nights for him where 3 people watch. I thought it was odd to find his grass cutting flyer in my mailbox, but now it makes sense.

    At least he is not Adam Reigner. Has he found a job yet?

    1. Was wondering why haven’t seen him on there anymore

      1. Is Sean Brace, still cleaning the shitters @ Pitcher’s pub?

    2. If you find him remind him I don’t take Venezuelan Bolivars as payment for services rendered.

  2. Pete Rose r@ape case??? should be fun at the roast. Are tickets still available?

  3. Heard the Cuz was saying that Wentz is like Peyton Manning today and that he’s a football genius. The guy played one year of sub par football, but sure, lets compare him to a top 5 QB ever. It’s really hard to be associated with this fan base and its homer stupidity.

  4. Who cares? TLC got clowned in summer league and guys like him are a dime a dozen

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