RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Is Out at 97.5

Wowowowow. Rob Ellis just announced on the air at the end of his show with Harry Mayes today that he is out at 97.5.

As I noted last month, changes could be afoot. Ellis and Mayes’ ratings were in the shitter. I floated the possibility that Jason Myrtetus, who had good chemistry with Mayes when they filled in for Mike Missanelli earlier this year, could join Mayes in the mid-day slot. It’s looking more likely that will happen.

More soon.

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75 Responses

  1. Csn should replace Barkcann with Ellis . Don’t mind Robbie E on csn

  2. Harry Mayes goes through co-hosts, like Anthony Gargano’s fat ass goes through multiple Primos’ hoagies.

    1. Mayes is a host killer. Maybe it’s time for the “big wigs” to realize he’s the problem. He’s a poor man’s Rob Charry, and should be doing weekends and updates.

      1. Disagree highly.. great co host to bruno.. and Ellis was awful.. harry was only reason to listen. He’s worked well with everyone he’s been paired w including Jody m, eytan, and jason m .

      2. I don’t get the Harry Mayes love at all. He is a fake Neanderthal. They failed at the whole mike and mike thing. Harry talking about women was equally creepy to Rob being nervous about it. Maybe Harry isn’t as good as people think

        1. He pretends to be a big gambler. False.. He makes shit and doesn’t wager at all. He gets home from his shift and sits his ass on the couch and watches tv, like the rest of us. He’s a middle aged loser playing Mr Interesting to all you fools who buy it.

          1. I can confirm Harry’s is a generic gambler and womanizer. He is really in bad place. Sike!! He is a schmuck and fake Everyman guy. He is annoying and 70 years old with a faux hawk. Mayes is annoying as shit

    1. At 10am every week you come on you start screaming about the Sixers.

      1. Until he is 69/70. He’s still number one with not competition. He will not walk away from the money.

        1. I am sure his wife does not want his lame ass around more . I just stopped listening to him except when I know he is on vacation. I don’t care how high his ratings are, I can’t stand him and his phony Philly schtick. Interesting that he doesn’t even live here.

        2. I think at his point in his life his health should matter to him. But your probably right. It’s hard to turn down $4.5 million for three years. Even with all that if I’m set I’m going to walk away from getting up at 3am 5 days a week 40 weeks out of the year. If your getting up that early you can’t stay up later on the weekends. It doesn’t work. Your going to sleep about 8pm-9pm every single day.

  3. I just hope they don’t try to replace him with another pathetic New York transplant who pretends to like Philly sports but secretly still love the Mets. We have enough of those a**holes on Philly radio already.

  4. Can see Rob beating his kid tonight over this news

  5. Bring me back!

    Do you guys follow me on Twitter?

    P.S. After never getting that minute back on those surveys, this website will be tougher to come to. Yikes

  6. That’s their plan? To have Myrtetus be the afternoon guy with Mayes? This station is going down hill and fast. New ownership has ruined this station. Ellis was garbage btw – never should have let DeCamara go .

    1. I agree and how ironic is it that the guy they let go in Joe DeCamara, is in direct competition with 97.5 midday-show, and soundly defeating the combination of Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis.


      1. Sometimes you’re the hammer
        Sometimes you’re the nail
        But The Hammer
        Is always The Hammer
        Keep it up Joey ‘Hammer’ DeCamera

  7. Never happen cause of $$$$ but would love mayes – bruno reunited. I agree w kyle though .. many liked jason m and harry.i think that’s what’s coming. I liked it better than Ellis by a landslide but still prefer bruno mayes..
    ps people saying rob unemployed–he’s lol over csn philly these days.. I actually think he’s gonna replace barkan or will when mike b contract is done

    1. Because he’s been there so long and is in a position of power he is paid big money. With Rob CSN save hundreds of thousands of dollars if they put him on PST and the other shows Barkann was doing.

    2. if by $$$$ you mean that Mayes and Bruno cost the station $$$$ then yes, it will never happen. They were getting their asses handed to them when they last worked together. Why would anyone do that?

      1. Because if u read the comments and talk to people that show was loved.. but they are cost cutting so I agree they won’t pay Bruno or even entertain it

      2. Plus it was proved people loved Tony Bruno when he beat missenelli in one book a trade wip. in the ratings.. but I’m sure u will reply it was innes.. when tony was on they won . Harry and tony were way more popular then 975 realized…

  8. Ouch, he started the year with a radio and TV gig and is now on the streets. Sure hope his wife didn’t quit her job.

  9. They play off each other. When Mike has substitutes when Jayson is out all the energy goes out of show. MM show is the moneymaker. I think Shander just moves back into his old spot. He doesn’t fit on Morning show.

  10. Rob’s just not a personality. He’s not meant for radio. Too straight, too dull. Too thin-skinned. I’m sure he’s a fine fellow, just not meant to be in front of a microphone or in front of a camera. Just because he’s been “in the business” for years and has had connections “in the business” for years, does not make him suitable as on-air talent. Time to move on Rob and work behind-the-scenes going forward.

    Thank God there’ll be no more talk of Cowboy hatred. I can’t stand the Cowboys either, and have never liked them, but there hasn’t been a rivalry with Dallas in almost twenty years! Today’s Eagles fans don’t really care anymore! They just want to win.

  11. Martitez? The guy who didn’t know Carson Wentz was # 11 ????

    2 LIve Crew got it right years ago when they said FOck Martinez…

  12. Wow surprised by this one. I get how ppl think Ellis was dry, but he is what I consider your prototypical sports radio host. Does he need some type of gimmick? Idk, whoever they replace him with is like switching seats on the titanic

  13. Give it a year, and sports talk on 97.5 will be done. WIP once again will be the lone sports talk station. Doesn’t matter, really. It’s always been the most listened to station with regard to sports on the radio, despite the noodle-head mumbo-jumbo the Dancing Queen released as reliable data.

    1. The station will be around as a sports station one way or another.

      1. It’s clear the ownership doesn’t want sports talk, and has a pattern of getting its way in other markets. Look it up. They’ll wait for the bloated contracts of Gargano and Missanelli to expire, make the program swap and, if Sixers/Flyers contracts don’t expire by then, ride them out until they do.

        1. They were just about entering their tank mode. You think Tom McGinnis had a lot of listeners the last 4 years. The Flyers have been dismal.
          When teams are hot the station will draw a lot of listeners. If the Sixers are really fans don’t want to miss a basket so they would listen in the car or at work if they are working a night shift. I’ll bet the Fanatic regretted signing those contracts. If you remember what happened Ed Snider was upset because WIP had to juggle the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers and the Flyers were get relegated to other stations owned by the company. Ed was tired of being treated like third class citizen so he bailed and the Sixers eventually followed.

  14. YES! Its about time. I’m not one to cheer about someone losing their job but who cares hes still employed by CSN. He didn’t deserve his job anymore and he admitted to it. According to the philly article, he said he hasn’t done his best shows the past two years. No shit. You are more boing than a saltine. I just hope they don’t pair Mayes with Mosher or Shander. Get someone new in there and not weekday fill ins.

    1. He’s working with Mayes. No one does good work with him, let alone Mayes himself. He’s a host killer.

    2. They are just going from one saltine to another.

  15. I just answered a survey asking how many times I go #2 when not at home!!!! WTF are you doing with THAT info???

  16. Great, replace Rob Ellis who knows a lot about every sport with that Slim ball Martinex (or however the f his name is spelled) who makes up fake callers and only knows hockey. BS I guess it’s back to listening to The Hammer and Robot Ritchie. Miss you robbie e.

    1. They Should’ve never let the Hammer go. Imagine if WIP didn’t have him. Would they be rocking Richie with Rob Cherry or Hollis? The show would stink. Rob is still a pros pro even if everyone thinks he is dry. Harry is the reason I stick around now. Im not liking these business decisions at all….

  17. Myrtetus has said before on Mike’s show that he’s not really interested in hosting full time… Although he did just start a podcast so maybe that’s changed

    1. Martinez and Mikey are perfect together. I hope it doesn’t get broken up. Oh, and please get rid of Shander! He is the worst of all time!

  18. Because Con Cord Ville Nissan doesn’t give a rat’s ass what I drive. Waaaaah, Mikey drives a new SL500 and I drive a junker.

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