The FOX Sports Twitter Guy Was Feeling Good About Himself Today

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while, so I want you to please reach under a stack of papers and unearth your shit lists, because we have a new additon– the FOX Sports Braves Twitter guy:

Everyone’s got jokes, I see. You know what would be worse, I suppose? A city with crumbling infrastructure, a football team that managed the most historic collapse in Super Bowl history, and taxpayers getting molested to a build a new stadium they didn’t need.

No but for real Fultz is OK, right?


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      1. Why does the fat cuz always say wentz is better than Marcus Mariota? Mm is a helleva qb

        1. The cuz is a pompous blowhard who fancies himself an expert on NFL quarterbacks. The guy is a fucking fraud.

  1. Anything on you embarrassing yourself on twitter right now? I know site views are probably down, as well as the comments. But doing the whole Skip Bayless thing just to generate clicks and comments isn’t your thing. Exhibit A is you having a problem with Bartman getting a WS ring and thanking the Cubs for it via a statement. Ever think why he has to do statements? Probably has to do with all the death threats and his life basically being ruined because of one play that had nothing to do with the outcome of a game.

    1. hey I’m no Cubs fan, but that play definitely had something to do with the outcome of the game…granted, there was still a game left and the Cubbies could have still won the series, but that was a turning point.

      1. No, no it did not.
        Please tell me how Bartman had anything to do with all the errors, crappy pitches and dead bats.
        They blew a 3-0 lead in the ALCS. Blame it on a fan in the stands, LOL.
        I’m sorry dude, I know it seems that way, but the Cubs gave bartman a ring because they were so wrong in thinking that he was the reason…hence the ring.

        1. They blew a 3-0 lead in that game, not the series…..I wasn’t trying to blame the series defeat on that one play, just stating that the play definitely had an outcome on the game…most of the errors, crappy pitches, etc., came after the incident with Bartman. Had there been an out recorded there, at a minimum, the Cubs go into the bottom of the inning tied 3-3, rather than down, 8-3. The time wasted arguing whether there was fan interference, the unruliness of the fans, leading to the guy being escorted out of the seats in the midst of a beer shower, all of that contributed to what happened next. But hey, that’s just my opinion….

  2. Look, I’m sick and tired of all these assholes saying that its impossible to suck your own C0CK… it is very possible. You just need to be hung.

  3. Anything on Iverson spending the last three days in a casino in Illinois?

  4. Anything on the actual game??? Or just more chickish nonsense from you? Douche.

  5. Jeezus chrise quit being so sensitive, you sound like a straight ho. Learn to laugh a little and besides he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. Sixers lotto picks have had some bad luck. Look how you take a little jab, not even aimed at you, then feel the need to unload of full assault response.
    ***if twitter somehow shuttered it’s doors tomorrow, CB would shutter their own in the following few

    1. Totally agree with you
      The guy actually makes a decent joke. No hatred whatsoever.
      No reason to go all north korea on him

  6. The dude laughs maniacally at his own remarks, sh!t that’s not even funny. He stays sounding like he’s hopped up on something laughing like a hiena. His own producer doesn’t even like him by the way he interacts with him. His favorite topic is talking about food, it’s no wonder he’s diabetic.
    He sounds like he’s enjoying himself I can’t deny that but he’s just not good holding down a show by himself. On the morning show with primo he complimented it well. Solo is a different story.
    Pinkslip marks. He’s 40 and sounds like he’s going on 15.

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  8. The comments are getting to Kyle. He opened the MMR with a little excuse-filled diatribe about how it’s slow and I don’t have time and it’ll be better and I’m working on things big things for the site you’ll see trust me BELIEVE ME. Laskowski is not the snake oil salesman President Embarrassment is but he is most definitely full of shit.

    Anyway, let’s hit it.

    1. Is there anything else than I could possibly say about the farcical unabashed fraud of a joke of a bad Saturday Night Live skit that is this administration? So to recap. Everyone screamed at him not to hire the physical embodiment of a State Island Wop as Chief of Staff. He hired him anyway. Spicey Boy quit in protest. The Mooch feuded with Preibus. Preibus was fired. He was replaced by Kelly. Who fired The Mooch. 11 days. This happened in 11 days.

    2. Meanwhile this dumb fuck hasn’t accomplished or done anything. Not meaningful legislation has been passed. Hundreds of key positions go unstaffed. He’s rolled through so many advisers and cabinet members nobody can even keep it straight. He tweets out transphobic garbage that he thinks is now a rule, even though that’s not the way it works but he is so dumb he doesn’t know that. BUT HER EMAILS. I know. I know. The country would be a third world hellscape if Hillary won.

    3. You can see the kindling starting to burn with the Phillies. Little sparks. Altherr, Nola, Herrera. Velasquez looking the best he’s been. Williams? Who knows. Galvis is a real solid SS. Hernandez is a good 2B. Kingery, Hoskins, Crawford all hitting in AAA. Sixto Sanchez becoming one of the top pitching prospects in the sport. I think they make a big trade this offseason — Stanton, Yellich, Cobb, Archer, etc. — then make a big signing or two in winter 2018. Come 2019, on paper, we could have something.

    4.Is Trump going to eat himself to death? He looks even fatter and grosser than normal.

    5, Need a new good p0rn style binge. I like real looking women. Amateur style stuff. Can be professional but needs to be done in amateur style. No tats. No methed up white trash. No Asians.

    6. Think the Eagles are a CB away from having a pretty good time. Problem is I don’t know how they get one. Their CBs are really, really bad and there is no fix. No way you can hide that. You can hide and make up for bad safeties, bad lineman. Not bad corners. If you have to trade a 4th or a 5th for one, you do it.

    7. Can’t wait for Leslie Gudel’s post this week. Last week’s was so good!

    8. Wonder what Jim Adair is up to.

    9. Gargano/Baldy/Eytan/Bro this morning was an abomination. WIP morning show with Farzy/Raya H wasn’t bad. Two well informed likable hosts talking sports. Angelo ruins everything.

  9. Real young, Sorry, you will have to look up story yourself because bossman won’t let me post it. The NYT published the story. Is that credible enough.

    1. And I’m not talking about the uniform. That’s a sundae with a cherry on top.

    2. he should have asked her parents if he could adopt her, like i did with my 16 year old groupie.

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