These NBA Rookie of the Year Odds are WHACK

The amount of stock placed in summer league performance is my new favorite sports thing. Overreaction city. Look no further than the latest Bovada rookie of the year odds as an example:

Keep in mind, these are betting odds, so public sentiment comes into play, and I suspect most analysts would come up with a much different list. As such, Lonzo Ball, who dominated, didn’t move off his ludicrous line. But the lack of respect for Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz defies logic. Mind you, NONE of these players have played a single game in the NBA. Simmons and Fultz were widely considered, by countless analysts, talking heads and GMs, to be the premier players in their respective classes based on a full season of college basketball, workouts, and evaluation. And yet, because Fultz got a sprained ankle and Ben Simmons… did nothing… their odds dropped. Lest we forget what Ben Simmons did in the summer league last year? Lest we forget his size and the fact that he had an entire year to workout and practice with an NBA team? If Joel Embiid’s immediate readiness to play at a high level was any indication, just observing from within the confines of an NBA facility can go a long way. My money is on Ben Simmons here. He is a STEAL at that price. Fultz and Fox being at the same level is laughable. DSJ literally moved up a few points because he missed a windmill dunk. This list is garbage and there is so much opportunity to exploit that I’m thinking about flying to Vegas and plopping down a few STACCS on Simmons.


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  1. but, if I recall you were creaming your mesh shorts over ben Simmons in the summer league last year. Talking about court vision, and how he looks so comfortable, and makes the game look easy. You’re a bitch

  2. The most Philly thing ever?

    You realize you mocked people that put too much stock in the summer league, then a few sentences later say ” Lest we forget what Ben Simmons did in the summer league last year?”

  3. So you forgot about how Malcolm fawking brogdon beat out Joel and Saric for ROY.

    I would agree with these odds that Simmons and Fultz on the same team gonna make it less likely that either win ROY which is fine with me as they roll through the first round of the playoffs

  4. Need to bring MCW back to help the Morning Show at 97.5.

    First, Gargano sounds like he is in depression with his anger and mood swings since she left.

    Second, MCW was very underrated on keeping the show going and balancing out the personalities.

    I think for many we didn’t realize her value until she wasn’t there any more.

    Does anyone know whatever happened to MCW and is she working anywhere in radio?

    1. MCW is currently working @ Kensington and Somerset, turning tricks to make ends meet.
      Look her up.

  5. Why care about this at all? It is the team. BTW Scott – the surveys are getting out of control. Just saying.

  6. You Dont Know What You Got Till Its Gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Hate to break it to ya, but you’re in the same boat as all of us, unless you’re a diplomat. Lay off the pcp a tad

      1. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser.

    1. we know, Vick’s comments were not made in malice. However, this is 2017, and anything you say can and will be used against you. If you dare hurt one iota of a feeling in a person, because of something you say, then shame on you. God forbid he would want to help kap change his s image for old white owners . Fucking snow flakes

  9. 2014 is an “Enjoy the Ride Type year…just sit back an savor the trip to the Super Bowl”

    “Big Balls” Chip Kelly is going to re-invent the NFL.

    Kiko Alonzo is going to turn the league on its head and be a fan favorite in Philly for a long time.

    We got DeMarco!

    We’re witnessing the Resurrection of Mark Sanchez. Pick up the shield!

    Carson Wentz is a franchise quarterback

    Steve Mason is the elite goalie the Flyers have lacked for decades.

    Pretty much every Sixers article posted on here in the past two years.

    Those are the ones I came up with off the top of my head. Anyone else catalog Kyle’s massive overreactions?

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