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      1. I wish your parents used protection so we wouldn’t have to deal with your garbage commentary

          1. Really surprised the Chase Utley story got covered up like that. If he was black it would be all over the news. Utley is such a creep.

      2. Anyone else get a good lol when a reporter asks a black athlete who they like in the fight. Like they would pick the white boy with no shot

    1. funniest tweet ever:

      @RoobCSN – No one that matters listens to you, Don Vito. The only thing you should write about is a ‘quick slant’ to the buffet. #loser pic.twitter.com/GF8pvRrAVD
      — Paul McGloin (@coachmcgloin) August 25, 2017

  1. The site will be shutting down. Kyle will be working as Assistant Barista at the Starbucks in Doylestown and Newtown now.

  2. hopefully kyle is figuring out why every time I’m on the site — no matter which computer — it freezes up

    1. He’s also gobbling up all the air time on the morning show saying the same thing 10 different ways in a row every time he marble mouth talks. So he’s actually a step up from the normal crew

  3. I wishthere was a Clay Travis for Philly, because I am checking out of here this site has become basically nothing.

  4. This is just Kyle trolling everyone because we rip the site often (deservedly so) for its lack of content. Problem is no one thinks you’re funny Kyle. Nice try. You somehow managed to ruin your own site. Face it ever since Radio Wars went away, you have nothing to write about and we all know it.

  5. miss the glassmask? oh and who wants to get their dick sucked at the sausage fest tomorrow?

        1. Me and my car dealer counterparts will be in full swing at the fest! Gettin fucked up and gettin our dicks wet.

  6. No one is going to give a shit about crossing broad.

  7. You didn’t say what this will be. A disservice to your loyal readers. For that, you get to wear special uniform, like one Phils are wearing as well as all the MLB teams this weekend. First name is OK.

  8. If this site becomes new and improved, please let’s not have any
    more dumb surveys, and that’s the rule!

  9. Dude, I’ve always been a fan of the site and big defender of yours, but your content game these days is like, sooooooooooo weak. Step it up, think of fresh ideas and angles to cover. I know the local sports scene is lacking right now, but your effort has been seemingly pretty minimal the last few months.

    I mean the comments section traffic is probably the only thing that warrants advertisers wanting to do business with you. If KK&O (aka a Ju, a Ju, and a Witchdoctor, -it’s ok i’m half heebe) only knew their ad dollars were supporting a home for Trump followers’ dog-semen encrusted, generic Kraft-singles lovin’, desert camouflage from Polsky’s inflected commentary on race, life, love and whose leather cheerio on the news they would slurp, they’d probably take their money elsewhere.

    Bottom line is you need to stop being a fraud and letting the stupid comments section do your work for you and actually start creating better, fresh content. Easier said then done, I know, but this is like your full-time job and should probably be part-time at best with the way the site is these days.

    Snootchie Bootchies, young man, Snootchie Bootchies….

    1. Kyle,
      What this site needs is more hipsters crying about politics and our dear leader Donald Trump. They may not have a lot of disposable income or be good at generating much revenue but they sure can write gigantic walls of text on demand in the comments section.

      Hope you have fun at the shore this weekend. Lets aim for at least 4 articles next week ok? Gotta crawl before you can walk.

      1. Nice try Trump-loser, i work for the biggest bank in the world and make almost 100k. Oh an d i’m not even 35… sucks for you huh? Keep licking Peanut butter from Trumps golden-haired balls you brainwashed minion fuck…

  10. “Site update”…….”soon”……tho I suppose this is on par with what we’ve been getting recently from CB

  11. I give this site 1 more year before it’s shuttered

    Kyle, baby doll, a piece of advice. You can’t beat The Athletic. They have better writers and will have actual access. You should focus on things that nobody else is. Media, off the field stuff, nightlife, business, etc. Carve out a niche for yourself.

  12. Br@ce is doing an NCAAFB recap show each Saturday evening on Fox29. Things are really starting to roll for that dude.

  13. Good business owners don’t effectively shut down their business for a week and retain customers, at least not with poor excuses or douchey 3 word updates on said business.

  14. Guys I am trying my best. Maybe if you would be more encouraging and less critical the site would be better

  15. Anyone else put an order in for the new crossing broad rhys’ t shirt? Hopefully it gets shipped overnight so I can look like a total tool at ff tomorrow.

  16. How about the bulge on Conor McGregor at the weigh in???

    This guy has got to be 8 inches, easily.

  17. Anybody else blastin rails tonight to stay up for the fight?

  18. “Guys, I just want to say what a joy it is to talk to two incredibly professional and knowledgeable radio hosts. I genuinely look forward to listening to you guys and calling you every Saturday morning. It makes my life. I just can’t express how wonderful you two are. I’m 50 years old and I’ve never actually had sex with a woman, and you guys fill that void magnificently. You are just so awesome.”

    1. Guy has absolutely nothing of any value to say. He’s always stoned when he calls.

  19. ESPN actually blurred out McGregors bulge this morning, that’s how prevalent it was. Enormous.

  20. Pat Eagan fucked my brains out last night with his big , thick 11 inch dick.

  21. Hey Kyle, here’s a newsflash: not a single person cares how much money you’ve made off this stale, boring website. Once the Athletic starts , you are cooked and all of Philly will be better for it. As they would say if this ripoff site actually was anything close to Deadspin, fuck you with your crumbled up, useless, mommy-paid for Villanova diploma. Douche bag.

  22. That is a total mockery of a sham as Glen Macnow says.

      1. Fraud? McGregor won the 1st 4 rounds against the greatest boxer of all time. If there’s a rematch, Conor wins.

  23. Next big fight should be High Pitch Erik vs Jeff the Drunk

  24. Heard fantasy fest was a dud this year. Not surprising considering they got rid of half their hosts for cost savings. Let’s just say there wont be a 5th annual Fantasy Fest

    1. The station lives off promoting that Sausage Fest for 3-4 months before it actually happens. It doesn’t even cost them anything. They get the sponsors to pick up the entire bill.

  25. Harper, Zimmerman and Werth are all out. If the Philles win a bunch a games against them in September I don’t want to hear from the Phillies sycophants that the team has turned the corner. You just know those clowns on the TV broadcasting team will all be chirping. If Nats don’t get healthy by October they are cooked. LA couldn’t have an easier path to the World Series than they do now.

  26. nothing on fantasy fest? heard aton shander took one of the fattest chicks there into the bathroom and came out 4 seconds late.

    1. to be clear that fat chick was fatter than gargano if thats even possible

      gargano looked disgusting. he he been on a 2 week drinking binge? he needs help ASAP.

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