Crossing Broadcast: Jerseys and Casinos

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss the Sixers’ new jerseys, Allen Iverson’s gambling habit, Pete Rose’s nastiness, Eagles training camp and the Union.


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17 Responses

  1. Wow, still no mention of Jim’s new site doing better than CB and breaking the Eagles new uniform story ? Wow.

    1. Apparently Jim has a friend at Nike, they leaked the pictures to him. Nevertheless, the new uniforms are awesome. Love the Grey jersey with green pants and the new all white set with the matte white helmet with metallic green wings !

    2. The volume of comments on Jims site says a lot. More than 1,000 on the Eagles uniform post alone. Has kyle ever had that many comments on a post ?

  2. How classless are the phils for honoring a child fucker. Sick organization

    1. Pete was 26 she was 16…. technically that’s illegal but wasn’t a big deal back then. Bill Clinton did way worse and never served time. Hillary had people killed and never was charged with a crime.

      1. Am I the only one that understands that having homeless people doing drugs all over Manhattan is a good thing for the city?
        Also , I am gay. My wife was a Lesbo but then got knocked up by some hard hittin brothas in the Bronx.

  3. Why do eagles fans always call up sports radio saying Dakota is a horrible qb? No sense of reality

  4. When you use U.block it shows in the upper right hand corner the number of ads being blocked when you go to a website. Kyle has forever bashed because of the number of ads that pop up on their site. I just went there and on the front page U.block is showing 14 ads as being blocked. That seems kinda excessive and backs up Kyles point. Except that when I come to Crossingbroad U.block is showing 20 ads blocked on the front page. So in summary CB has 50% more ads then the site that Kyle always says is unreadable due to the excessive number of ads.

    1. Kyle firing Jim was a bit of a stumble. His page views are way down compared to this time last year.

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