CSN Philly Is Now NBC Sports Philly

CSN press release:

NBC Sports Regional Networks will align the remainder of its five CSN-branded networks, as well as two TCNs, on October 2. The new names will incorporate “NBC Sports” with each of the networks’ regional designations. The announcement was made today byDavid Preschlack, President, NBC Sports Regional Networks and NBC Sports Group Platform and Content Strategy.

“We’re excited to complete the brand evolution of our remaining RSNs, which will now include the iconic NBC Sports name on all of our networks,” said Preschlack. “This development is a reaffirmation of our continued commitment to provide the best, most compelling local sports coverage to our fans across the country.”

The brand evolution will not impact the scheduled games, pre- and post-game shows, and other programming currently available on these networks.

CSN Chicago, CSN Northwest and CSN Philadelphia will combine “NBC Sports” with their current regional designations: NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Northwest and NBC Sports Philadelphia. TCN will transition to NBC Sports Philadelphia +, and continue to house separate material produced by NBC Sports Philadelphia.

CSN Mid-Atlantic, TCN Mid-Atlantic and CSN New England will also adopt the city names used by their primary team partners, becoming NBC Sports Washington, NBC Sports Washington + and NBC Sports Boston, respectively.

This was expected. CSN Philly has taken on the look and feel of its NBC big brother for two years now. A name change was inevitable. It doesn’t sound like there will be any other substantive changes.

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7 Responses

  1. The first line in the quoted press release says October 2. Your headline: “CSN Philly Is Now NBC Sports Philly”.

    Can you even fucking read? You can’t even copy and paste articles anymore.

    1. Sick of Jeff from Camden, Chris from Williamstown and brotha Scott from Barrington calling both stations all day everyday says:


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