Eagles-Jets Preseason Finale Observations

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First off, congratulations, you made it through the 2017 preseason.

Even better, you made it through what was probably the worst preseason game known to man. The picture above is the best way to describe how it went.

The Eagles lost 16-10 to the Jets, but somehow almost won this game late in the final quarter. But who cares about the result of this turd burger.

None of the Eagles starters played, and neither did Nick Foles. I really don’t care that Foles didn’t play because he’s a whole lot better than Matt McGloin and Dane Evans and making the team anyway… probably, because his injury seems concerning:

For some reason, the Jets decided to send out their first string offense and Josh McCown got hurt in the first quarter. They’re gonna be bad.

Anyway, observations:

The Good:

Corey Clement – He didn’t get that much time tonight (four carries, 16 yards), but it sounds like he might make the team. Especially with what Howard Eskin said on the WIP pregame show:


Mike Mayock and Mike Quick mentioned on the Eagles Post Game show on NBC 10 that he’ll make the team. We’ll discuss Pumphrey later. Also wouldn’t mind Byron Marshall either.

Bryce Treggs – He was the top wideout tonight for the Eagles, making four receptions for 41 yards. He has speed, and I think he’ll just make the team as the sixth and final wide receiver. Doug Pederson was impressed by his performance.

Greg Ward – I was at training camp this year and heard plenty of good things about Ward. He should make the practice squad. He has plenty of potential and could make a 53-man roster next season. From what I’ve heard, the secret isn’t out on Ward as much as it is on Clement. Pederson also mentioned him as a wide receiver that looked good.

Gabe Wright – Wright is fighting with Elijah Qualls and Justin Hamilton for a spot at defensive tackle. He had a sack and a half in the loss, but even as the most experienced out of the three, I don’t think it’ll be enough for him to get a roster spot come Saturday.

Joe Walker – After missing last season due to a torn ACL, Walker has been solid as a backup linebacker. He made four tackles and blew up Josh McCown tonight:

The Eagles were high on him last year before he was hurt, and I think he’ll be on the 53-man roster this year.

Jaylen Watkins – He had a nice game and played cornerback rather than his usual safety position. He’s on the edge for a roster spot after making five tackles. Also liked CJ Smith– he should be on the roster.

The Bad:

Matt McGloin – My god we don’t have to deal with this guy anymore. He’s just painful to watch and after that first half I want to reevaluate my life choices. Dane Evans wasn’t good, but at least, you know, he isn’t Matt McGloin.

Donnel Pumphrey – Look, I don’t think the Eagles will cut Pumphrey. They see him in a future role as the next Darren Sproles. He needs a ton of work in nearly every aspect, and got a hit a ton tonight, eventually leaving the game due to a head injury. He said he passed his concussion test.

Please just put him on IR.

Shelton Gibson – Hey, he dropped balls in the start of the preseason, improved throughout training camp, and might be fighting for a roster spot. He made three catches for 29 yards, but also dropped a pass. There’s plenty of depth at wide receiver right now and he could be the odd man out.

Dillon Gordon – This was the worst time for #69 to have a bad game. He got beat a couple of times, one of them against Kony Ealy, and is also in a position battle on the offensive line. I think the Eagles keep him because of his ability to be used as a fullback in some formations.

Tre Sullivan – The rookie started alongside Chris Maragos tonight and looked alright. But he injured his right ankle in the second half and is now in a walking boot.

He might be stashed on IR as well.

Rosters have to be cut down to 53 players for 4 pm on Saturday.


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  1. Nice to have late night updates on CB. I’m interested and excited for the new format. I don’t know if Gibson makes this team but the catch he dropped tonight was no gimme.

    1. Turd burger? Don’t say that, its stupid. Also, this game was not for your entertainment, it was to evaluate the bottom of the roster. Also, the picture you posted and your insinuation that it was a terrible play in a terrible game is ludicrous. Jalen Mills made a great play on that ball, he just barely dropped a pick 6. In pro football, we call that a good play… again you sound very stupid. Finally, McCown didn’t get hurt, he missed one play after getting the wind knocked out of him. Off to a pretty shity start Chris.

      1. McCown had an injury scare was his point. Also, your nitpick on the picture is ridiculous. Next, do you want to detail the circumstances behind the Iwo Jima flag raising?

        1. Ya gotta chill with reading ppl’s comments and putting them down…total millennial move ‘they dont like what i did so theyre wrong and im gonna come after them til they realize it’….consumers can have any opinion they want abd they can also take their clicks elsewhere to a new discussion forum if you keep alienating ppl with your empty gym shorts in a bunch…you blame your wife when you cant get her off probably…typical mainline scum

      2. Last time I checked, Mills isn’t spelled “W-A-T-K-I-N-S.” He also didn’t play last night.

        1. didn’t the J-E-T-S do something stupid like this a year or two ago because they played Geno Smith in the last preseason game and he got hurt and missed time? do teams ever learn? it’s no wonder NE waltzes into the playoffs every year playing this division twice a year every year…..

  2. Even got a timely writeup on the most meaningless preseason game. If today is any indication for the future of CB, things are looking pretty good

  3. Chris,

    We taught you better than this. Is the job market so bad that Kyle is the best you can do? WE know this website is an accomplishment as a Malvern grad but com on, you can do better than this!

  4. Good article, Chris. Amazing to login to CB and see content to read first thing in the morning. Kyle used to sleep in until 10:00 or so and we would be reading the Monday morning roundup at almost noon sometimes.

  5. I had a dream that jeff from Camden called me last night

  6. Hire a writer whose name we can’t be bothered to spell in the comments? Interesting approach, Kyle. Well played.

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