I’m Totally Not Freaking Out About Alshon Jeffery’s Injury

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Hey who would worry about the star wide receiver with a history of nagging injuries missing three consecutive days of training camp and being on target to miss the first preseason game?


From Zach Berman:

Jeffery injured his shoulder during practice last Saturday. He returned for Sunday’s session, but has not practiced since. He worked on a far field during the beginning of Thursday’s practice, going through stretching and conditioning work with a trainer.

Jeffery has had some trouble staying on the field, for various reasons, throughout his career. He missed six games during his rookie season in 2012 – four with a broken hand and two with a torn meniscus – seven – SEVEN! – games in 2015 with hamstring tears, and four last year due to suspension for taking the famous banned substance in a supplement. He has been limited in many other games due to strains and such. In 2015, he also suffered a shoulder injury in practice, but didn’t miss any games.

The point is, while his shoulder injury might be nothing, the one thing that can stop Jeffery is indeed injuries. It’s not a great sign that he’s already a little bit banged up, even if it officially makes him one of us. Welcome to Philly.

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18 Responses

  1. I like to poop in the shower and mash the turd down the drain with my foot. Is this normal behavior?

    1. I asked Pete Rose for an autograph at the Gino’s in Flourtown during the summer of 1979. He said, “sure kid, here you are” and turned his butt to me and passed a Gino giant scented cloud of gas. I have loathed him ever since.

  2. Land O’ Lakes & AstroGlide have teamed up to make a spreadable, edible anal lube, called “Up Da Butter.”

  3. Veterans getting “hurt” during the dog days of training camp mean nothing to me. If he’s questionable for week one I freak out but this sounds like a guy who’s been around a while and doesn’t want to do 2 a days.

    1. Also, sounds like a guy with a history of being injury prone continues to get injured.

      It’s a rwason the Eagles were able to get him so easy. Other GMs know he is undependable/Howie Roseman is a moron who does whatever sportstalk radio tells him to do.

      1. One year contract. Hopefully some of the later round receivers they drafted can catch on and produce. Next year’s draft presents a bit of a problem. They have no second rounder and will probably use the first round to draft a cornerback.

        1. It’s a typo.

          But this site, for whatever REASON has no edit function. Regardless, I think it was evident what I wrote.

          So, I’ll say the REASON that you couldn’t surmise what I was talking about must be that you a some knuckle dragging mongol0id of no intelligence.

  4. At least the Eagles know now that they will have to think long and hard to sign him for additional seasons. With the kind of money Jeffrey will want if he can’t stay healthy during the regular then let him walk

  5. Vets missing a few training camp practices with a minor injury is code for I train all off-season I don’t need to beat myself more to get in shape like the guys in the 60s and 70s and it’s a long season I need to be good to go in December too.

  6. Have you been an Eagles/NFL fan for long, Kyle? It’s a time honored tradition for veteran players to take a few days off in training camp. It’s an “injury” but everybody from the coach to the training staff to the rookies gutting it out to try to make the squad know that these guys are just taking a couple days from the hot August sun.

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