Rhys Hoskins Was Brilliant After His First Major League Home Run

You can judge a man on the way they react to unexpected awkwardness. I, for example, facing the prospect of a strange encounter, freeze up like a fainting goat and look down at my all-consuming connected light device, my iPhone. But not Rhys Hoskins. Oh no– perhaps with a bit of forethought, the Phillies rookie played it off so well after hitting his first Major League home run:

Chris Wheeler would’ve talked about this for two innings.

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16 Responses

    1. Hoskins can do whatever he wants. When ur banging Alex Holley, you get a free pass to do whatever.

  1. Half the guys in the dugout look pissed at him for doing that too. Does anyone in baseball have fun?

    1. That is an old baseball tradition when someone hits their first homerun. Everyone ignores you on purpose in the dugout. It has been going on for ages, nothing new!

    1. Exactly. This happens almost on a weekly basis in the MLB. I suppose Kyle doesn’t follow anyone that has ever tweeted about it though.

  2. would have been nice to mention that he hit another home run later in the game….first Phillie rookie to hit two homers in a game since Rolen!

    1. That would take research, Kyle’s not into that especially because he’s still ‘working on’ some new things.

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