Roy Halladay Pitched Three Scoreless Innings Last Night

pic from (@BILLWELCOME)

I HAVE NO IDEA. That is the best way to sum up this post. All I know is that last night, as I sat down to watch TV with a glass of wine while itching the multiple vicious mosquito bites I obtained while surveying my neighbor’s new deck (ah, the joys of suburban life), I received the following Tweets:


It turns out, Halladay is playing in the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita Kansas, which is apparently a thing that features semi-pro clubs and ex-stars. The roster from this game, pitting the Kansas Stars against the Everett Merchants, complete with former pros in their MLB jerseys, reads like an old NL East box score: Roy Halladay, Dan Uggla, Adam LaRoche, Josh Beckett, Jason Isringhausen(!!!), J.D. Drew, Jack Wilson and Roy Oswalt. The last one is particularly shocking, because after Oswalt flaked on the team in 2011 I just figured that he wouldn’t want to do anything unrelated to riding on his tractor.

Halladay topped out in the high 70s(!) and apparently was perfect through at least three. And scoreless through four. Maybe.

I would show you stats, or videos, from the game, but the most recent stats the NBC World Series site has are from 2013, and they are in PDF form. One brief writeup says Doc threw three scoreless innings before being relieved by BEN SHEETS. Videos on the NBC World Series YouTube page don’t include highlights from this game presumably because the carrier pigeon with the footage hasn’t arrived at Google headquarters yet.

I have no idea if more games will be on TV. Just know that this is a thing.


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    1. The simplicity of this comment makes it a classic. Two words, a coma, and a period. And yet the sarcasm and vitriol pour out like a tidal wave. Brilliantly funny.

  1. “combat sports, which is apparently a thing”

    What a beta male pussy

  2. I guess it’s not relevant to the fans attending alumni weekend.

  3. I’d do anything to go back to the doc phils days .something to watch after work , going down to cbp and seeing a winning team with tons of pussy at the park . It’s a sin what happened to them

    1. It was the most enjoyable time as a sports fan. Those 8 year of prime time Ryan Howard, harry calling a champion team, clutch all star hitting, lovable chooch , and cap it off with Doc?

      Jesus, The women. Add in the drinks and the location of the ballpark. It was a magnificent time.

      Sadly, the wrong person takes the heavy blame.

      1. This x100000000

        Going to be like this with the Sixers at the Center now.

  4. Sat down with a glass of wine? I’m no neanderthal, a nice Cab with a Ribeye is cool and all, but sitting down to watch a game with a glass of Wine? Dude…….

  5. fuck you kyle. zero posts on the phillies trades. not that they were anything special, but you can at least report on them on your “sports” blog. i realize its a slow time and all. you better rest up for eagles season. will you stop reporting on them when they go 5-12?

    1. Still working on my trade deadline summary. Waiting for Dan to finish editing it.

  6. You scratch a mosquito bite. You don’t itch it. It itches. You scratch.

  7. “Wentz has gotten plenty of positive reviews for his performance as a rookie, but the numbers suggest he was pretty bad. Wentz finished with a 52.8 QBR, which was 26th in the league and below Brock Osweiler. His 5.1 ANY/A was 27th in the league, which nestled him between Blake Bortles and Case Keenum. Wentz’s average pass traveled just 7.3 yards in the air, which ranked 26th. You can get a sense of his neighborhood as a rookie. I suspect Wentz will improve in his second season, but there’s also a chance the numbers are right and Wentz is a fringe-average passer.”

    Like I’ve been saying all along, Wentz is not a good QB and I doubt he is even Flacco level, and Flacco is garbage. Just shows what a bunch of blind homer morons most fans and all of the sports media in this town are.

    1. Yo bo , you don’t know shit. Wentz passes the eye test and had zero help last year. Leave the kid alone . He’s better than the titans qb

    2. although I’m not sold on Wentz being the next Joe Montana or anything, his numbers last year were right in line with what a rookie QB’s numbers would be if they play all 16 games, and are inexplicably asked to throw over 600 passes….check Winston and Mariota from the year before……and Wentz did not have a beast like Mike Evans to chuck it up to, and now he might with Jeffrey, so let’s give it a year and see how he does I’m not a blind homer moron, but I’m not a blind hater moron either. and who the hell is Bill Barnwell?

    1. i heard tough guy Robby E will be at the gate checking ID’s and if anyone gets out of line he will gladly roll his sleeves up and take care of business.

  8. Cannot believe Mike Miss spent 4 hours talking about a guy wearing a cowboys jersey to an Eagles practice. Is this how bad it’s become for this fan base? We’re supposed to care about that? Wear whatever the hell you want. If you are picking fights with someone, you’re good. The whole Cowboy hate thing died a long time ago. Worse part is that their fan base doesn’t even consider the Eagles their rival. That speaks to the stupidity of this fan base. They worry so much about another two that couldn’t give two shits about them.

    1. total inferiority complex. When Dallas comes here it’s treated as the iggles Super Bowl, but when they play in Jerry world the Cowboys might as well be playing against the Jaguars as far as their fans are concerned.

      1. I’m the voice of the Philly fan and I say hate the stinkin Cowboys!!!


    2. anybody shows up at fantasy fest with any Cowboy gear on, I will personally run them out of town. GOT IT????

  9. Jim got nice first looks at the Eagles new uniforms for this season. Nice work Jim. I love the matte white helmets with the metallic green wings! Can’t wait to see em in action!

  10. I remember when I would post liberal diatribes during the election the Trump supporters would climb out of their neanderthal, white trash holes and quit blaming immigrants for all their shortcomings and whine at me.

    Where are they at? Are they so embarrassed by how this fat tard is running the country they can’t even show their faces?

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