The Big 3 Suspending Allen Iverson Is Ridiculous


NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson has been suspended one game by the BIG3 League for not showing up for the league’s games in Dallas on Sunday afternoon.

Iverson apologized on Tuesday afternoon but did not explain why he was missing. The BIG3 launched an investigation into Iverson’s absence and the former Philadelphia 76ers star talked to league founder Ice Cube.

Brilliant! Allen Iverson, our absolute main attraction, didn’t show for the last game so what can we do to make sure we punish him so we keep some semblance of dignity and keep selling tickets?

Oh, I know– SUSPEND HIM!

That’s… a great idea!

I Celine Dion loooooooooove the Big 3 acting like they’re a real league and not a complete sideshow. If they wanted to embrace their inner WWE, they’d have Allen Iverson get roasted at halftime, or have him plead for PT with Ice Cube in a rap battle, or:

But nope, they suspended him. Because they want everyone to take them seriously. The sooner the Big 3 realizes they’re sports entertainment and not sports, the sooner they might be successful.


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    1. The reigning SEC East winners are a wild card.

      Does Florida have enough firepower to survive a schedule that includes Michigan, LSU, Georgia and Florida State? Notre Dame transfer Malik Zaire and prized redshirt freshman Feleipe Franks are vying for the opportunity to answer that question.

      On the (relative) bright side, two of those marquee matchups are nonconference tilts. The Gators could lose the season opener and finale yet still maneuver into the SEC title game.

      But from an overall national perspective, all four schools have better odds than Florida to win the 2017 season’s championship, per OddsShark. The Gators could be the team to fracture the aspirations for any of those programs.

      Between Zaire and Franks, though, which one gives Jim McElwain’s team the best opportunity to break some hearts?

  1. And your alternative is? Should they have just released a statement saying “we spoke to Iverson and he promised us this wont happen again.” Until it does happen again. I know, lets let him do whatever the fuck he wants because he always has.

  2. If you’ve never been to a Big 3 Event, you should go! Even without iverson playing it was lit. The Wells Fargo was packed like an NBA game. It’s not quite a well oiled machine just yet but its entertaining. If they make a few small tweaks I expect it to be even better next year. I want to see Kobe, Paul Pierce and KG form a team. Rasheed Wallace where you at?

  3. I suspended Russ from my daughter’s house one time. He still got in and impregnated her!

  4. I read this take in a previous comment on this site. Kyle now doing the old copy/paste of commenters is a new low.

  5. The moron who hired Cuz and his no radio experience girlfriend is still running a radio station in a top 5 market.

  6. What is Carlin's problem with Jeffrey excused absence for personal reasons from today's camp says:

    Why stir up trouble when there is none.

  7. NO! What’s really ridiculous is any stupid fuckin’ moron that would pay to go watch a bunch of washed up Naggers pound their chest and say look at me!!!

  8. The Big Three is an idea doomed to failure.

    Allen Iverson is human garbage, who was also one of the most over-rated basketball players ever, who should never be given another chance.

  9. While I was happily married to Philadelphia Phil Pete Rose se xually assaulted me behind the liberty bell.

  10. I think kyle is pretty cool

  11. Honestly, this site is amazing. Big3 basketball coverage over Eagles training camp!!! Hahaha

  12. Cuz and Tampon Shander have changed my mind. Unlistenable.

      1. Are you projecting? You’ve been typing that dumb sh!t for a few days now. Did someone recently tell you that your azz stink and now you feel the need to take it out on the internet

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    1. Just his fake callers the have the producer make in an attempt to initiate a race war on air.

  14. See, what everyone doesn’t know is, we had a saying back then that went, if there’s grass on the field, play ball! Now everyone has morals and stuff

  15. All you need to do is to Trust the Process! And talk about practice. Practice makes perfect.

  16. 4 years of Villanova = $260,000
    Kyles new house = $400,000
    Kyles preowned Audi A4 = $13,000
    Kyles total gross profit from Crossing Broad = maybe $100,000?

    Thanks mom and dad! Oh and thanks to the wife for being the first name on the mortgage!


  17. Actually starting to feel bad for 97.5. Beesley just needs to shut the whole thing down. Clearly there is no effort to improve the shows or the station. They have illiterate, racist producers like Egan still there. They have Gargano fulfilling some little fantasy every Thursday pretending to be this football expert. Meanwhile they bring in Baldinger, who just makes up stories to make himself sound cool, Vai still living off the fame of one play like 30 some years ago. They have zero talent considering all their other hosts, not named Shander, are beat writers. Mike is clearly throwing in the towel with his race baiting topics for the past few weeks. And then there’s this creepy call for women to come to their wing bowl lite. Miss Fantasy Fest? What woman in their right mind would want to be gawked at by a bunch of 40 something eagles jersey wearing slobs who get off to D level radio hosts?

    1. Mikey Miss is terrible but the Morning Show is fine for being a morning show.

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