The Eagles Have Released Ryan Mathews

No surprise here. Mathews was coming off a neck injury and had to be medically cleared before the Eagles could cut him.

Mathews underwent a physical yesterday and today he was cut. The move will save the Eagles $4 million in cap space for this season (with $1 million in dead cap). Joining Mathews in traded or cut players counting against the Eagles’ cap are Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford, Marcus Smith, Eric Rowe, Connor Barwin, Jordan Matthews and Leodis McKelvin. With the move, the Eagles will be third in the league in dead cap money:

from Over The Cap

Howie Roseman, cap master.

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52 Responses

    1. Hi, my name is Michelle Mignogna I am from Downingtown, PA. I am currently working for Amtrak in the HR depart. My favorite sport is football, and with that being said, I bleed Green! The Eagles are my life, and when sundays come around there is nothing better then getting some wings and drinking cold beers with friends and family. If you are a Dallas fan I feel bad for you and whoever raised you to be that way. My favorite place to vacation at is Avalon, or Wildwood. But if someone decided to surprise me with a trip the tropical islands I wouldn’t be upset at all. My favorite drink of choice is “Redbull & Vodka.” In my spare time I love to read a good book. And one of my hidden talents include going into a public area and getting everyone to chant ” E-A-G-L-E-S” eagles. I may come off as an innocent woman, but I have been known to bring out my wild side. My favorite athlete is Brian Dawkins and I hope one day to meet him. If I am selected I promise to represent this beautiful town / radio station to fullest. GO EAGLES

      1. Hi Michelle! You make some compelling arguments to win the contest. Really need to know, do you do ATM?

        1. Hey my name is Amanda! By day I’m a school teacher, by night, I’m a 4 for 4 girl, I love the Birds and #TrustTheProcess….Im a big morning show and cuz fan. I love traveling to Disney, the shore, and wings at the Pic. xoxox

          1. Great! I have 3 other friends and we would love to go 4 for 4 tearing up those pissflaps! Trust the processing of fluids on your face but close your eyes, LOLZ! #vote4amanda

    1. last year i questioned the signing of Leodis Mckelvin and a bunch of them said i was an anti-semite because i didn’t like a signing Howie made.

      1. The writers at LB completely turned me off of Sixers Twitter. Their group think, combined with a healthy dose of white guilt, is insufferable.

        1. You ain’t kidding, I gave up after Neubeck’s national anthem article but collectively are so embarrassed to be white. They really must not think highly of Jim since they didn’t hire him, his views would fit right in.

          1. Ok dude, Im sure you have some real rational “views”. Im no fan of LB either because of the wonkiness and stat-nerded-ness of the content and comments, but you’re just butthurt. Go buy a tiki-torch and march outside the Wells Fargo

  1. Deadspin’s viscous take down of SB Nation??? I lost a lot of respect for Kyle Neubeck after learning that he most likely makes less than $600/month for running Liberty Ballers. It’s truly pathetic he does all of that for peanuts. Grow a fucking spine you pussy!!

    1. Same shit, different decade. Another generation of pube-beard pajama boys discover what their time and passion are worth. Last decade it was the Huffington Post. Nobody’s making you work there, you chumps. It’s too late to major in something useful, but not too late to pick up a shovel. The pussy is just as good if you’re over 25, when chicks stop caring that you write on the internet.

    2. Is on twitter saying he won’t bad mouth SB Nation, but is retweeting the deadspin article and saying pretty much this is why he left. I’ve actually gained some respect for the nerd.

  2. If healthy Matthews would be a nice fill in for zeke for 6 games. I’m thinking zeke a suspension gets cut to 2 games after all the evidence zeke has on trash can Tiffany Thomson

    Zeke can only be proven guilty of one thing: being a rich, immature guy in his early 20’s.

    I don’t know (and neither does the NFL) whether or not Zeke did what he is accused of doing, but what has been proven without a doubt is that Tiffany Thompson’s credibility is extremely low and her motive is transparently clear. There is countless documented instances of this woman saying in plain English that she is trying to ruin him specifically because he ended his relationship with her. She literally called the police and kicked off this whole thing in the middle of the night when he wouldn’t let her into a party he was having. This was shortly before she texted some of her friends telling them to lie to the police.

    The biggest tragedy in all this is that it serves only to water down the credibility of instances of actual domestic violence, where a woman is trapped in an abusive relationship and needs justice to be served. This is not one of those cases.


    1. Philly Cowboy fans like this douche Folsom and Cowboy: Please run your mouths in the Lin parking lots. We are dying to meet you.

  3. Why would a large amount of dead cap space make Howie Roseman a cap genius? Don’t the most successful teams of the last decade or so rank in the bottom 10 of dead cap space on a yearly basis?

    1. Damn Jim. You are all over the Eagles this year. I saw you posted up on the sidelines at NovaCare. You be breaking mad stories yo.

  4. All joking aside, Jim Adair has been amazing this summer. His podcast is probably the best sports podcast in the country. His blog is amazing. The kids been nothin but a fuckin lucky rabbits foot. He has interviewed every big name in the Eagles organization and Floyd Mayweather. Congratulations Jim.

  5. You can’t make the team from the tub. Foles never got a chance to play, plus McGloin looked great for a backup.

  6. Kyle, stop deleting my comments….saw your article from a few months ago…wow you da man!

  7. Mike Miss said today he may have taken steroids if offered to him while in college. Said they may have helped him become a professional player. N igger please.

  8. Nothing on the far left network ESPN airing an auction of black football players? Basically a slave auction aired on live tv today. But the dems are for blacks right? Just give them money and housing because they aren’t capable of making it on their own… the left and the dems are the racists. Remember when Hillary said that blacks are super predators and need to be brought to a heel ? All I heard Trump say is he wants blacks to make more money and get better jobs.

  9. And unfortunately Mathews does not have that quality. Which is a damn shame, bc he’s explosive when he’s healthy

    1. Yeah, so explosive with his career yards per carry the exact same as freaking LeGarrette Blount (and lower than Chris Ivory and Brandon Jacobs) and his whopping 40 total touchdowns in 7 NFL seasons. Wow. So explosive.

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