The Flyers Are Retiring Eric Lindros’ 88

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From the Flyers:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that they will retire Eric Lindros’ No. 88 jersey in a pre-game ceremony at the Wells Fargo Center on January 18, 2018, ahead of the club’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Lindros, who was one of the greatest offensive threats in team history over his 486-game Flyers career, will become the sixth Flyers player so honored. He joins Bernie Parent, Mark Howe, Barry Ashbee, Bill Barber, and Bobby Clarke in the Wells Fargo Center rafters.

“Eric has made an incredible and lasting impact on the Flyers organization, our fans, and the game of hockey as a whole,” said Flyers President Paul Holmgren. “We could not be more proud to raise his number 88 to the rafters. We look forward to what is anticipated to be a historic night for the Flyers.”

“I am deeply humbled and honored that the Flyers are going to retire my jersey,” said Lindros. “I am so thankful to the entire organization for this incredible recognition. I look forward to sharing this moment with my family, friends, teammates, and of course Flyers fans, who mean so much to me.”

I can not imagine a more fitting player to have his number retired by any team. The number 88 has become synonymous with Lindros in Philly. No other player could wear it without eliciting thoughts of the Big E. The man who changed the game, and hockey for millennials in Philly, deserves to have his number retired. Good stuff.

Lindros will be on 97.5 today at 2:30.


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  2. Sorry, but this gen X’er does not think 88 a) should be in the Hall of Fame & b) deserves to have his number retired. I bought his jersey the day after I listened to Larry Bertuzzi announce his decision (carried live on 610 WIP!), and literally watched every game he played as a Flyer. Maybe I’m setting the bar too high, but given what they Flyers gave up to get him, Big E never came close to being the “Next One” as we were told. When I think of the best players of that time period, I think of Lemieux, Jagr, Sakic and…ugh even Brodeur & Scott Stevens, He disappeared in too many playoff games. The playoff run that Keith Primeau went on in 2004? I never saw that from Big E…

    1. so, you must not have been watching any of the series against the Rangers when Lindros basically carried the team to the finals? In my opinion, Lindros was easily one of the best Flyers ever, if not, one of the best players in his era. If you watched any of those games, which you say you did, when the Lindros line was on the ice, you stopped whatever you were doing to watch….unfortunately for him and his line mates, the rest of the lines were not nearly good enough. I get it, there were other things going on off the ice that soured people on him, but his play cannot be debated. Like his brother, he had concussion issues and it cut short his career, and caused him to miss games as a Flyer, but when he played, he was the best player on the ice.

    2. I agree and disagree with you about many of the points you made regarding Lindros. I had Season Tickets throughout the Lindros era, so I was also able to watch every game of his Flyers career. I think from 1992-98, he was one of the most dominating players in the game…..when he played. The problem was he was constantly injured early in his career with various knee injuries and then the concussions essentially ended his career as a dominant player. His playoff career was good and bad as he would dominate one round and then disappear in the next round. Part of the problem is the Flyers had no secondary scoring after him and Leclair and guys like Scott Stevens could focus on the legion of Doom for 60 minutes and shut it down.

      I don’t think Lindros should be in the Hall of Fame nor have his number retired either, simply because he didn’t play long enough. Hall of Famers should have dominate for a decade like Lemeiux, Gretzky, Messier, Bourque, as Lindros only had a great 5-6 year period from 1992-98. As for Retiring Numbers, that should be even more rare, as it should be a special player. I believe only Clarke and Parent should have their numbers retired for the Flyers as they were special/elite players that played most of their careers here. Lindros sludged on for 7 years after he was traded from the Flyers, and his overall career was a mixed bag after the Concussions.

      He was still one of my favorite players, and it was a fun era to be a Season Ticket Holder (I gave them up after the lockout of 2004-05). But I think Lindros falls short of HOF and Retired Number.

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    2. Any update the 97.5 replacement hosts for the morning and midday shows? Eytan and Geoff Mosher are painfully awful.

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