The Phillies Statement About Pete Rose Is Excellent

This is super well done. The Phillies didn’t throw Pete under the bus based on unproven allegations. And they extended him the courtesy to publicly agree with the decision while at the same time making it clear that it was their decision. AND they offered fans a refund. Well done. Welllllllll done.

Somewhere, Scott O’Neil is deducing the cost of all those refund fees and wondering WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?

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33 Responses

  1. I think Pete is probably guilty, but what I dont understand is how the accuser gets to stay anonymous. I would get it if she was still underage, but at this point she has to be in her mid-50’s. Can any legal experts explain that?

      1. quite the wrong assumption on both, but I was trying to understand how someone who is an adult can shield his or her name when making a public accusation.

        1. Dowd made the accusation, genius. The victim merely corroborated it. Now, beat it!

    1. Do they burn them? Send them to Africa? Send them to the bottom of the Delaware river? Kyle we need you to find out from your sources so you can copy and paste it to put on cb. BRING ME THOSE BOBBLEHEADS!!!!

      1. Bobbleheads and thousands of Kyle’s stupid unsold t-shirts are being shipped to deepest darkest Africa. The sub human savages in Uganda will wipe their asses with the shirts and try and eat the dolls.

  2. Like I said earlier, before Kyle deleted it, Pete Rose is my favorite player. Who’s the g ook to Pete’s left?

  3. I thought these were new charges at first. Knowing now that this happened way back when, how does this stick and can be held against him

    1. these charges don’t stick because the statute of limitations ran out years ago. but just like Bill Conlin’s case, he’s ruined in the court of public opinion

      1. The other problem is Pete is the plantiff in this lawsuit fighting it and his argument is she was 16….when he was married and like 31. If Pete didnt sue Dowd this would’ve stayed in the shadows.

  4. Great article Kyle but perhaps you failed to notice that this isn’t an accusation considering that Rose has admitted to it. The guy is a scum bag.

  5. Give Pete a break. It was a different time back then. Everybody was screwing everybody. The guy was just tryin to get his dick wet.

  6. Calm down everyone, leave the hit king alone. I keep making hits and Hollywood stars bend over backwards to work with me.

  7. Pete and I would team up on twins when we were on the road back in the day…I sure miss that

  8. Tony Perez was caught doing Schottzie the St. Bernard…they were a wild bunch

  9. By the time I got there they were drinking each other’s jizz in the clubhouse. I had a tumbler of Cesar Geronimo’s. Wasn’t bad.

  10. Nothing like public relations analysis from a guy that runs a dick and fart joke forum

  11. There are many guys out there who should be on the Wall of Fame, but are not: Christenson, Montanez, Konstanty, Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Schilling, Hollins, Andersen, Eisenreich, Von and Charlie Hayes, Kevin and Ricky Jordan, Desi Relaford, Rob Ducey, and more. Time to induct some or all of them in one fell swoop. before we concentrate on the ’08 Champs.

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