“That is one magic loogie!”

What is it with New York athletes and spitting allegations?

First it was Keith Hernandez, who was accused of hurling a wad at Cosmo Kramer after committing an error that lead to a five-run ninth inning for the Phillies.

This week, it was Giants receiver Brandon Marshall who allegedly spat on a fan, this time during pregame warmups at Lincoln Financial Field. It started when the fan, wearing a throwback Randall Cunningham jersey, reportedly began to taunt Marshall:

Hard to make out the words there, but Marshall is saying “stop shaking, stop shaking,” before walking away. The fan says, “you spit on me, you spit on me, you pig.”

Marshall is escorted away from the crowd by Giants staff:

It’s impossible to tell if any spitting did occur. There’s no definitive proof. I can’t freeze-frame any flying phlegm. There’s certainly a chance that the frothy shouting could have resulted in saliva spewing, but it’s not like Marshall rears his head back to hock up a big ole’ loogie.

Maybe this will remain a mystery, unless Jerry Seinfeld comes along to debunk the accusation.

“There had to have been a second spitter!”