Brett Myers’ New Music Video Is The Most Redneck Thing Ever

Brett Myers’ country music career seems to be doing well.*

*No it doesn’t. This video only has 1,400 views.

His latest, uh, rock anthem, an homage to beer, ‘shine, and cut-off jorts features the full-deck of redneck imagery. It’s like the storyboard called for the shoot to take place at a Trump rally, during a white supremacists march, in a field, something something Joe Francis. The video manages to squeeze in every redneck trope and then some:

Ford truck? You got it.

M-16? Bang bang.

Improbably attractive girls hanging out with this motley crew because the guy in charge is a millionaire? Damn straight.

Air guitar? Nerrrrr.

Military issue belgian malinois? Sure why not.


This guy? Yessir.

Beers and ‘shine in the air? Oh hell yeah!

We’ll always have the Sabathia walk.


12 Responses

  1. Anything on Shawn Andrews rap career?

    get my michael phelps onnnn, my michael phelps onnnnnnn!!!

  2. keep talking down the president you liberal douche….watch how fast your investors punch you in the fucking nuts.

  3. I was as skeptical as the rest of these mutts on here, but I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with CrossingBroad this week. Good job.

  4. Get off Brett’s back. Dude helped the phils to a championship and the best parade ever

  5. I’m pretty sure I saw Charlie Sheen covered in mud wearing a wife beater…yesssssss!!!!!

  6. F uck yea, Brett, living a great retired life it appears…can probably live off the interest from the millions he has in the bank, considering the cost of living, in whatever redneck infested town he live in…smashing all the youngens…..He married a chick from Reading, like a super hot chick that my buddy in college new….

  7. If he didn’t squander it all he should have about $10-$15 million safely invested. Plenty of money to make Country videos.

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