Craig Carton Is Going To Jail (Probably)

WFAN morning show host Craig Carton, formerly of WIP, was arrested this morning. From NBC New York:

Craig Carton, co-host of WFAN’s morning sports talk show “Boomer & Carton,” has been arrested on investment fraud-related counts in connection with an alleged fake ticket scam.

The FBI arrested Carton, 48, at his home in Manhattan early Wednesday, the sources said. He was allegedly involved in an investment scam through which he and another man claimed to be running a discount ticket broker business that never existed, according to the sources.

Carton makes a healthy living. Salary estimates through a quick Google search indicate that he makes $250k per year (I bet it’s much more than that) and is worth $2 million. An investment scheme reported to have netted him more than $2 million would explain that huge delta between salary and worth. [UPDATEThe Big Lead’s Ryan Glasspiegel estimates that Carton makes at least $2 million per year.]

There aren’t many other details to the story yet, but I’m guessing this was a fairly well-organized scheme if the FBI showed up at his door and arrested him. They don’t do that without significant evidence.

You may recall that Carton got WIP sued in 1997 when he reported that Eric Lindros missed a Flyers-Penguins game due to a hangover:

Eric Lindros finally got the apology he asked for a year ago from talk radio station WIP, 610-AM.

Craig Carton, a former personality on the entertainment talk radio station filed a report in February of 1997 that Lindros missed a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins because he was nursing a hangover.

Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Philadelphia, owners of the station, as part of the settlement, will make a contribution to Children’s Miracle Network, for which Lindros is a spokesman.

“In a broadcast on February 28, 1997, a former WIP personality stated that Philadelphia Flyers captain Eric Lindros was unable to play a Feb. 15, 1997 game against the Pittsburgh Penguins,” the letter of apology begins. “Although Eric suffered from an injured back sustained against Ottawa on Feb. 13, 1997, it was stated that he did not play because he was `hung over` from an excess alcohol consumption the prior evening. WIP’s personality also stated that the Flyers organization reported that Eric was injured to cover up his inability to play.

“After an investigation into the facts underlying its Feb. 28 broadcast, WIP executive management has concluded that the sole reason Eric did not play on Feb.15 was because of his injured back and not for any other reason. The entire management of WIP regrets this unfortunate incident and wished to apologize to Eric Lindros, the Flyers and their fans for the broadcast.”

Both Lindros and his father/agent Carl were happy with the settlement.

Now he’s going to jail. Probably.


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  1. Imagine paying for no ads. It’s 2017; get a fucking ad-blocker and make your internet that much better (uBlock Origin is best).

    1. Amen! Don’t forget to also add a javascript blocker like NoScript or ScriptSafe, those take care of Kyle’s surveys.

    1. I call bullshit. Provide a link where Clarke admitted 88 was hung over… not even saying he wasn’t just saying Clarke didn’t go on record saying he was

      1. I just tried, and I can’t, but I know I have heard multiple times that Clarke told a group of beat writers off the record. This was pre-blog days so who knows.

  2. You don’t get this kind of corruption in Esports tickets since everything is live streamed on Twitch for millions of viewers every moment of the day.

    Poor Carton I like his show.

  3. Is this what that loser Shander strives to be? They look and talk the same. Does Carton have a failed rapping career too?

  4. Always thought this guy was a weasel when he was here. Thought maybe he matured and turned a corner when his career took off in NY. So much for benefit of the doubt.

  5. Hey Mr Carton,

    Remember me, Louis Roma, on the call ins? I need some Broadway tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, can you help me out? I’ll give you an extra fifty!

  6. He had him on the Saturday morning show for 1/2 hour a few weeks ago. Craig used to work in Philly and naturally is one of Howard’s good friends. Maybe Howard will send him a dozen red roses when he is in the big house.

  7. Mike F is taking down at least 3 million a year doing the drivetime shift. The morning show is hugely successful since they paired Boomer and Carton who replaced Imus who was let go.

    1. Agree no way on earth a morning guy in NYC makes $250000 as being reported . I’d say a t very least $750000

  8. Im sure Kyle has express written consent to use Fultz, Went, Utley and other’s likeness to sell t-shirts. Not to mention that “Trust the Process” is already trademarked by Marcus Lemonis, so that is a cut and dry trademark infringement by selling those shirts. What do your investors think of your blatant trademark infringement?

  9. Net worth and salary don’t really have anything to do with each other. Plenty of people make ~$100k per year and are worth over $1M. It’s not that hard. ===> Owning real estate, retirement, and other investments.

    1. Not me! And now that I’ve sold 2/3 interest in the one thing that makes me a living, I’ll never get there!

  10. This guy was always a no talent sack of crap as far as I am concerned. The idea that he makes 2 million a year to spew his idiotic opinions along with Esiason is sickening.

  11. Gee, you don’t say, the morning drive host in the #1 market in America makes more than $250k/year? Strong work, as always.

  12. And yet NOT ONE Wall Street executive has ever been arrested for the financial horrors we committed leading up to 2008, let alone having to serve actual jail time.

    We take a shit and wipe our fucking asses with 2 million dollars here at Goldman Sachs. Craig Carton is a chump.

    When we get caught, we just pay a couple billion here or there in fines and still make $5-6 billion on the entire deal ( we actually factor in the multi-billion dollar fines when our lawyers write up the deals in the first place. It’s fucking hilarious). We laugh at the government / American people all the way to the bank (which we fucking own).

    Adjustable rate mortgages, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  13. Carton is better than any of the slap dick’s on 975 or wip. Just a bad Gambler. Eagles 6 – 10.

  14. All the eagles want is your Almighty dollar. They care nothing about you nothing about winning as long as they get the almighty dollar ! They fired and brutalized a handicap crippled young man and they hired Mike Vick the sweetheart so they could get the publicity.
    Fuck the Eagles ! Boycott the Eagles ! Watch them root for them do not pay a dollar to Jeffrey and how we don’t do it !

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