Crossing Broadcast: J.P. and Paywalls

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss J.P. Crawford’s debut, Mike Lombardi’s comments, and’s hilarious paywall.


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12 Responses

    1. Any chance we could get some more Phillies talk ? They are was nicer to Kyle than the mean Eagles.

  1. WIP had Pederson on yesterday, and had Wentz and Cox on today. And they broadcast the games. 97.5 is talking about the 700 level.

  2. Why are the kool aid drinking eagles fans saying Sunday’s game is an easy win ??? The skins own the birds

  3. Hey M ike M iss, I had a major league career while you were getting splinters in you butt at P enn St at e.

  4. Gargano’s opening bit today: “What does the Eagles helmet mean to you?! Are you fired up for the Eagles’ season?”. Kyle, for God’s sake, keep doing this podcast. Yes, Gargano will soon be off the air and forced to try something different. But until then (and beyond), keep giving us the decent sports talk you’re doing on the podcast (especially increasing it to a daily podcast someday if you can).

    1. Decent sports talk are you f’n kidding me? This is Kyle himself or one of his new lackeys, please

  5. JEFFFFF-REY is a SCUMBAG who thought V.I.WARSHEVSKI was a winner ! The ONLY thing this asshole ever did was ask Mommy if he could borrow her money to buy the EAGLES ! IF you give him or HOWWWW-WEEEE ONE dollar YOU are an asshole ! $45 to park, PSL’s and LIB-TURD– LURIE ! FUCK THEM !

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