Crossing Broadcast: Nuggets and Knees

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss Sixers excitement, Wayne Simmonds’ anthem comments, the media, Eagles-Chargers and the running game.


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9 Responses

  1. Taking a knee reminds me of the black ice bucket challenge .
    Except it’s hard to take serious when a bunch of scumbag chick beater NFL players are doing it

    1. Yea, Kap really had a hard life. He grew up with upper class white parents in a 7500 sq ft home. Always getting hassled by the po po’s. Fuckin clowns

  2. HAHA Kyle, keep supporting these animals who disrespect our flag and military for a bullshit reason. I am a black man and a vet. And guess what, I aint never been beatup or shot at by the cops… you know why???? Cause I don’t break the law, when I get pulled over I keep my hands on the wheel and don’t make sudden movements.

    1. I admit I’m a huge lefty. I always vote straight Dem tickets. I hate Trump. But I completely agree with him about the kneeling. The NFL is Americas game, its by far our most beloved and popular sport. When the national anthem is played, no matter what race you are, or gender, or political party, you fucking stand and show respect for the country that protects you. Fire the kneelers.

  3. Funny how crazy people go for kneeling but seem to turn a blind eye to a larger portion of this country still flying a confederate flag. How is that respecting the country?

  4. What’s with 97.5 turning into a political station . Every time I turned on Harry and mm this week they were talkiing kneeling . Couldn’t change the Channel quick enough

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