Unfortunately, the jersey is on the far side of this video taken at some Chinese event showing off NBA uniforms. Here’s the link to Weibo, which most certainly WILL NOT jack up your computer with all those foreign characters and Flash pop-ups.

It could be a Clippers jersey, but resident NBA design expert – AND CROSSING BROAD T-SHIRT DESIGNER – Conrad Burry thinks it could be a throwback to Doug Collins-70s era Sixers:

Back in August, when the team released their “Association” and “Icon” jerseys, Kyle mentioned the team would have a red jersey and a sweet fourth alternate. The fourth jersey might also debut with a special court.

If there’s a red version of this look, count me in as being highly in favor of it. I would love the Sixers to stick with the style of the shorts with the “76” on it as well. The “76” with the 13 stars above it is such as solid look.

Kyle: This font is garbage and makes me physically ill. Like every time I see it I think someone put masking tape on the letters. Don’t put masking tape on the letters. Do not like. I reserve the right to change my opinion when the Sixers frame in cool marketing speak and put it on Ben Simmons, who explains to me why it represents the core tenants of our city and also absorbs sweat unlike anything he’s ever worn before.]

h/t Conrad Burry