Eagles Anthem Ceremony Was Beautiful

Everyone is talking about the National Anthem protests after President Donald Trump’s remarks last week. Teams are addressing it in their own way today and what the Eagles did was absolutely beautiful. The team stood linked by arms with police officers, military personnel, and with owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Tim McManus of ESPN broke down what the players did during the Anthem:

A Petty Officer sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner while a flyover roared over the Linc.

Take a look:

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7 Responses

  1. Of all the 100s of people covering this game, you decide to post a tweet from Nick Fiero?

    This is really becoming the High School Newspaper Club

    1. Nauseating….morbidly obese female Philly cops linking arms with black fist raised Jenkins and creepy heeeeeeb owner Lurie. You call that beautiful????

  2. He isn’t an officer. He is a Petty Officer. Big difference! This man worked for a living to earn his rank, and you don’t even have enough class to give this man his proper rank. Do research or, atleast read the screen! Thank god you are a social justice warrior and not a sports writer!

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