Jeffrey Lurie Puts Out Statement About Jon Dorenbos

Sticky situation. The Saints have said that they plan to try to rescind the trade seeing as though Dorenbos’ aortic aneurysm was a pre-existing condition.

There are a few questions, however. Les Bowen reports that the Eagles were aware that Dorenbos’ had a heart murmur, for years. A murmur is fairly common, and Investor Jeff, a cardiologist, notes that it could or could not have anything to do with an aortic aneurysm. Did Eagles doctors miss something? Maybe. Maybe not. Bowen also reports that Dorenbos’ aneurysm was caught during a follow-up physical by the Saints – he played in a preseason game – who lost defensive tackle Nick Fairley in June when he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart.

NBA players routinely undergo heart echos (basically an ultrasound) to detect for abnormalities. It’s unclear if that’s the case in the NFL, if Dorenbos has had one recently or ever (most likely yes if he had a murmur), or if the Eagles require them of their players. Most likely Dorenbos’ follow-up was an echo.

The trade most likely saved his life.


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  1. I’d like to see the eagles be proactive in giving the draft pick back. I don’t even know if that’s a possibility within NFL rules. It would certainly send a proper message about handling things more important than football.

  2. people can have this condition for years without ANY problems. It’s the size that becomes a worry

  3. Wish the big fella good luck and good health! Some things are much more important than the “business” of nfl football!

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