Jon Dorenbos Had An Aortic Aneurysm

Holy shit.

Payton said it was a pre-existing condition that was caught by a team doctor:

An aortic aneurysm is an enlargement of the aorta, the main blood vessel that delivers blood to the body. Investor Jeff is a cardiologist, so I asked him to weigh in here– these are his comments, obviously without knowing specifics:

First depends where it is. If urgent surgery it’s probably in the “proximal” part of the aorta nearest the heart.

Also we index it to body surface area so a guy the size of an NFL player will probably have a bigger aorta than a normal person.

They key is how large it is. Once you get to 5-5.5 cm the risk of it tearing and killing you is much higher and surgery is needed.

If it’s in the 4-5 range but the person is having symptoms like chest pain that’s usually a surgical indication too.

Is it serious?

Yes very serious. Worst thing you can do is lift heavy weights a la in an NFL training room OR play contact sports.

How likely is it that his NFL career is over due to this?

I’d guess 100%.

At his press conference today, Doug Pederson said he knew nothing about it and just found out about it today.

The Saints say it was caught during a physical, which may raise some football-related questions. Also, you could wonder whether the physical would have even been performed if he wasn’t traded. We wish Jon the best.

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  1. Can you please do a piece on how Michael Bennett made up that horrible story? People should get jail time for that sh*t. Absolute trash. Main stream media ate that “story” up yesterday, Anyone who suggested there might be 2 sides to the story was labeled a racist. Curious to see how much coverage his false statement & lies get today on CNN. 10 minutes max?

    1. Idiot, you won! Nobody believes anything the lefty media says anymore. Why do you think Trump won? CNN and MSNBC are a laughing stock. The vast majority… like 90% of Americans don’t believe the lefty media anymore.

    2. Don’t you think it’s weird that all you crazy righties think everyone is against you? Somehow every single media member, network, newspaper, not named Fox News or Breitbart is against you. Perhaps your outdated, stuck in the past, racist minds are the problem. Now I have no idea if this Bennett story is 100% correct. But I am sure as hell not going to obsess about it like you and the rest of you crazy right wing counterparts. I bet you think liberals are the cause for evacuations in FL too.

      1. ummm, yeah his “story” isn’t even 1% correct. Totally fabricated. The timing of his released “story” is concerning as well. (The day before NFL season starts). Michael Bennett is a scum bag. He should be ashamed and so should the liberal media who trumpeted (pun intended) his lies all day yesterday and have now gone silent once those lies have been exposed.

        1. Are you one of the cops accused? No? Then shut the fuck up about it. It doesn’t affect you in the least.

  2. Eagles gm howie Roseman could've drafted Chiefs rb kareem hunt but instead traded back 25 spots and drafted mini-me rb Donnell pumphrey says:

    Just saying

    1. And every team in the league passed on Tom Brady round after round after round until the Pats took him in the 6th. So, your point?

      Just saying.

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