If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

That applies to Markelle Fultz, whose shot isn’t in need of repair, but could probably be improved. That’s why the Sixers rookie has been experimenting with his mechanics in training camp.

This week he started tweaking his free throw motion.

“It was just something going on where I wanted to try something new,” Fultz told reporters on Thursday. “But my free throw is going to look the same as college. I’m just trying to look at different ways to see how the ball can go in the hoop.”

Sixers head coach Brett Brown had more to say on the subject.

“Markelle has made some personal adjustments to his shot since we last saw him in Vegas,” Brown explained. “We’ve done stuff with him, but really he’s been with his personal trainer over the month of August and since Summer League ended. He’s chosen to look at some different things with his shot. His heart’s in the right place in trying to improve. Slowly we’re coming back into it and trying to re-calibrate and get it back. You see his shot in Vegas or back in college and his percentages revealed that he’s a more than capable shooter. I think right now, him trying to figure out how to not overcomplicate things – and maybe something that didn’t need to be madeover as much as he might have thought – is a challenge. I think what he’s doing defensively, and in running a team, and what he’s doing in the middle pick and roll, that probably stands out more than what we’re talking about there. But I hear you. It’s something we’re all aware of and trying to help him.”

Fultz shot 47.6% at Washington with a 41.3% three-point average. He was 64.9% from the foul line.

For what it’s worth, he shot 46.9% in a pair of Summer League games.

But being better as a shooter isn’t just about mechanics, it’s about situations.

“Just trying to get ready to catch and shoot,” Fultz said of other possible improvements. “This is a further (three-point) line, so just getting ready to catch and shoot. We’ve got great people here, Ben (Simmons), who can get you open, JJ (Redick) and everybody, so you’ve got to be ready to catch and shoot whenever you’re open.”

He’s also playing around stronger and more physical professionals.

“Every day you come to practice and our back court is pretty big. You’ve got Ben, you’ve got Joel (Embiid), you’ve got Dario (Saric). Everybody out here is pretty much 6’5″ and above. You’re going to get a good chance to guard that every day in practice. Just going against them and trying to get my shot off against them, lay ups against them, and also guarding those guys is also gonna help me get ready for the games.”