Doug Pederson wouldn’t confirm reports that Ronald Darby will miss four to six weeks with a dislocated ankle.

The Eagles head coach said that more information will be gathered before presenting a statement about the injured cornerback.

Likewise, there was no new information on the status of kicker Caleb Sturgis, who Pederson said had a hip issue. The team will work out kickers this week “just in case” Sturgis can’t go in Kansas City, which seems likely if this is true:

The only specific injury update we got was a day-to-day diagnosis for left tackle Jason Peters, who is dealing with a groin issue.

Other topics of note from Pederson’s noon presser:


On deep shots down the field:

“It goes without saying; you have to take those opportunities. You’ve got to take those shots. You see sometimes that when you’re struggling offensively, or not moving the ball, something like that, the running game isn’t really clicking – that defenses start to crowd the box. You start seeing eight, maybe nine guys around the box. We’ve got to continue to take shots. We had ’em. We had ’em there yesterday. We got in behind the defense a little bit and just missed. By doing that, it shows, number one, that you can do it offensively, but, two, it backs them up just a little bit more and opens up some other things underneath.”



Pass/run balance:

“Obviously, at the end of the day it’s not good enough. The running game isn’t good enough. We pride ourselves on running the football here, and we’ve got backs and linemen and tight ends that can help us do that. Watching film last night on the way home, then a couple of times this morning, we’re close. We’re close. We just have to finish blocks and sustain blocks. There were a couple – and this always happens going into Week 1 – there are always a couple of un-scouted defensive looks they present that give us some problems early. We made the corrections and had some success later in the game on some of those same runs. It’s close.”

Context: The Eagles threw the ball 39 times and ran it 24 times.

Here’s one play where Nelson Agholor very clearly missed a block on a LeGarrette Blount run:


Shots down the field, part 2:

“Well, the first play of the game, (Wentz’s) front foot slipped. He couldn’t get everything on it, so it was a bit under-thrown. Because of that, in the back of your mind as a quarterback, you’re saying, ‘next time I get that opportunity, I don’t want to under-throw it.’ That was the reason for the over-throw. But obviously he made the scramble, the deep throw to Nelson on the run on the third down for the touchdown, and then a couple of times to Alshon (Jeffery). He had his hands on the ball a couple of times before the half and then later in the game. We have to keep drilling it and keep working it and throwing it. It’s different from practice, the game speed, but these are plays that our guys need to make.”



Carson Wentz handling pressure:

“Once again, it’s an emphasis on our part as coaches to make sure we present (that) in the offseason and spend time working the blitz. Yesterday, first game of the year, there were a couple of un-scouted blitzes that.. they were pick stunts, where they pick our guard and wrap a tackle. Those got us early in the game. We just have to see everything and put our guys in that position. Carson’s got to see it. There were some times yesterday where he could have maybe made a quicker throw and got the ball out of his hand.”

Context: None needed. Washington had 2 first half sacks.


Involving Alshon Jeffery early in the game:

“Actually the second play of the game, after the shot, was designed to go to #17 (Jeffery).  What happened was Josh Norman actually played on his outside hip and took away the post corner we had called. Play number two was actually designed for (Jeffery). As the game went on, I was trying to be conscious of… not forcing balls, but getting (Jeffery, Torrey Smith, and Zach Ertz) involved, along with the runners. Once we got #17 a couple of touches, and then he made another big catch late in the game, on the two-point conversion, that was huge. He did exactly what we asked him to do and will continue to grow.”

Context: Here’s the play in question:

Wentz was sacked on the play.


Opting for a two-point conversion vs. kicking the extra point:

“A lot of it was because of Caleb in that situation. I just didn’t feel comfortable. Obviously he had to kick off after that, but I just wanted to limit the number of kicks.”

(follow-up question reaching for more information)

“He was okay to get it out on that last kick, which is why it was a mortar or sky kick in that situation. He did an admirable job in finishing that game.”

Context: Seems pretty straightforward to me. Sturgis missed an earlier extra point, so why risk this one if you knew he wasn’t 100%? 


His relationship with Jim Schwartz and whether he felt the need to “clear the air:”

“No, I did not. We’ve always had a great relationship. I don’t know what to tell you. Jim and I have always had a great relationship. Even yesterday, the communication is always there. We talk quite a bit during the week and I love his enthusiasm, I love his swagger, and I think our defensive guys feed off of that. Most defensive coordinators I’ve been around have that. He’s no different. That’s one of the things I like about Jim, the fact he has that, guys feed off of it, and that’s the way they play.”

Context: This article from the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane:


Next weekend’s matchup with Andy Reid: 

“It’ll be fun to see him over there, to see Big Red on the other side. At the same time, I know he wants to kick my tail and I want to kick his. Listen, Andy Reid teams are well prepared, as you know. We have to do the same thing this week and be ultra prepared. That’s a tough place to play now.”

Context: You should probably know by now that Pederson played and coached under Andy Reid.


The botched Agholor turnover play: 

“It was a run, a designed run and that was just an advantage throw. On film, Nelson was a little deeper than he should have been obviously, because it was a lateral. In practice during the week, that was never the case. We have to clean those things up.”