You Can Now Subscribe Using PayPal

Ask and ye shall receive.

One of the most frequent questions I got after launching our subscription option last week was from readers wondering if we planned to accept PayPal. Now we do.

We actually had it set up for launch, but there were some issues with it creating new user accounts, and we wanted to get it fixed before making it available. So you can now subscribe with either credit card or PayPal. All credit card transactions are 100% secure with SSL and handled by Stripe, one of the leading online payment gateways, but I get that a substantial number of people prefer to use PayPal for stuff like this– it’s quicker, and easier.

More incentive to subscribe: Besides getting no ads, no surveys, no autoplay videos, exclusive content, 20% off apparel, daily Roundup newsletters, and subscriber-only meet and greets, anyone who subscribes by Friday – this includes current subscribers – will be entered to win 2 pairs of lower level Sixers tickets and 5 $50 Crossing Broad Store gift cards. We’re also adding new writers in the coming weeks, and I think you’ll be quite familiar with one or two of them.

Subscribe now.


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    1. Pay for this garbage? Just like that left wing joke of a paper that is, I only come to this $hithole for the comments. Can’t wait for to be out of business. CB better wake up, or this site will be next.

  1. This is huge – I just subbed. This was the only thing holding me back, because pulling out my card and actually manually entering the numbers takes a lot of work and I’m way too lazy for that nonsense.

  2. Anyone pay for shiel’s sitre? No fucking way am I ever paying to read something

  3. Hmmm, not so sure about the sixers ticket contest here. I’m still waiting to find out who won those eagles steelers tix from laSt years contest, the winner was never announced

  4. I hope these “investors” realized what they were doing. You invest in something like CB because you believe that the person running the show knows their business and that they will direct the use of your money in ways that will earn you outsized ROI. Not sure how much they invested, but I’m thinking it will take more T-shirts and $3.99 subs than this franchise is capable of generating in order to get them their money back.

    The business model appears to be loosely based on he throwing of feces and the hope of adhesion

  5. if one subscribes, can one pass that login to 4 friends and his cousins? how does that piece work. can i be logged in on my phone computer and ipad all at same time?

  6. PAY for Crossing Broad?

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