Your Thursday Morning Roundup

Late last night, reports began to surface that Playboy founder and guy that every guy wanted to be and every girl wanted to be with, Hugh Hefner, died at 91. According to the magazine, Hefner died of natural causes.

The late magazine and media mogul was a visionary in the whole “sex sells” industry and benefitted both professionally and personally from it. I’m sure many of you hid a few copies of Playboy underneath your bed in your days.

He was a unique person who had a huge impact on our society and he is now gone. Rest in peace.

Kyle: I’m not sure Tyler does him justice here– he was a pioneer, an icon, and a goddamn statesman. May the cigar lounges and brothels of Heaven treat you well, good sir. You will be missed.

Now, to the roundup!

The roundup:

Twitter announced it will test an increased character limited to 280. The Eagles are one of the accounts who got the bump.

Speaking of the Eagles, both Jordan Hicks and Rodney McLeod were full participants in practice yesterday.

Carson Wentz said he’d give Jake Elliot his game check if he made the field goal. This is what will happen with the money.

Jake Elliot was named the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week…you know why.

O.J. will be free soon.

Evan Turner would rather die than live a life without pizza.

Rick Pitino is out at Louisville.

Larry David held nothing back on national TV yesterday:

This story is messed up:

In court on Monday, prosecutors alleged that Ashleigh Wade lured childhood friend Angelikque Sutton with the promise of giving her a wedding gift. Sutton, who was on her way to the courthouse to marry fiancee Patrick Bradley, stopped by Wade’s home. Prosecutors say that when Sutton arrived, Wade slit her throat so that she couldn’t scream, and then removed a healthy baby boy from her uterus.

Sixers now have 5th best odds to win the East, do you think they deserve that?

Peyton Manning for Senate?:

“I certainly have an interest in politics and in our country. I just have zero interest in being a politician,” Manning said.

The Phillies won last night over the Nationals. Rhys Hoskins has drastically cooled off, but there is nothing to worry about.

Everyone is missing the point on the national anthem protests.

Eagles-Chargers on Fox on Sunday gets bottom of totem pole crew.

Kneeling during the national anthem in the NHL? It might happen at Flyers’ games:

The Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds and the Sharks’ Joel Ward — veteran wingers and close friends who are two of about 30 black players in the NHL — are undecided about whether they will kneel when the national anthem is played before the season opener in San Jose on Wednesday.

Both are considering it.

In an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Ward, who wears No. 42 in honor of baseball trailblazer Jackie Robinson, said he has experienced racism in hockey and that he was open to the idea of kneeling, a trend that has grown among National Football League players as the national anthem is played.

One more day until Friday. Enjoy it!


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  1. This site has made a huge mistake in siding with the kneelers. Kneeling during our national anthem is so extremely disrespectful I cant understand how anyone could say otherwise.

      1. “These libtard snowflakes need to grow a pair and get over it!”

        “Oh my god! This is disrespectful! Make them stop! Make them stop!”

        – The same guy

    1. Ed Wood, just so we’re clear… you were ok with wife beaters, murderers, dog fighters, drug abusers etc. But the 2 minute peaceful demonstration that happens before the game is the thing you have a problem with?

  2. I stand up with my hand over my heart every time the anthem is played. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Youtube video, on TV, in an ad, or if I’m at a game. I STAND. AMERICA. BOMB THE MIDDLE EAST.

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