The Eagles are back in action after defeating the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football just six days ago. They’ll take on the winless San Francisco 49ers at home.

To recap, here’s where the staff stands after three weeks:

1: Bob (7-0)

2: Tyler (6-1)

T3: Chris, Coggin, Kevin K, Kevin L, Kyle, Tim (5-2)

9: Phil (4-3)

10: Anthony (1-6) (1-3, according to Anthony)

Our predictions (some of them are still coming in) for this week are after the jump:

Phil: Admit it, you were terrified when the Eagles were trailing halfway through the second quarter at home to the thoroughly average Redskins on Monday Night Football. Maybe they aren’t that good, you figured. It was too good to be true. In reality, it was a blessing. Carson Wentz had to win a game for his team in a big spot and he went and did it. The forecasted weather could make a difference if the opponent was any good. The 49ers are not any good. With the Cowboys and Redskins playing each other, an Eagles win would mean that much more distance from one of those division rivals. Good teams bury bad teams quickly, which is what should happen here. Eagles 37, 49ers 10.

Bob: There are some concerns here. It would be the most NFL in 2017 thing possible for the winless 49ers to knock off the league’s only remaining one-loss team. Plus, Sunday’s weather looks terrible, which usually favors the inferior team. Fluke plays, turnovers, and adjustments to scheme tend to even the playing field. Still, the numbers for San Francisco are pretty rough. They’re 25th in the league in scoring offense, posting only 17.6 points per game. They’re 30th in points allowed, as opponents have tuned up their defense for 26.6 points per game. They’re the third most penalized team in football and now they have to come across the country for an early start. This one might be wet and sloppy, but I can’t see the Eagles letting an opportunity to get to 7-1 slip away. Eagles 23, 49ers 13.

Coggin: Rookie quarterback going up against this d-line? Thanks for coming, CJ. I definitely can see a sloppy game this Sunday, but Eagles will be too much for the best 0-7 team in football. Eagles 24, 49ers 10.

Tim: You can’t take anything for granted in the NFL, but the Eagles are well-positioned to win this game. Given the 49ers’ struggles against the run last week and the uncertain weather conditions, I would expect the Eagles to rely on a heavy dose of the Smallwood-Clement-Blount trio. It might be an ugly game, but I see the Eagles prevailing and moving to 7-1. Eagles 31, 49ers 20.

Anthony: I have nothing good to say in terms of analysis as I have only been right once since joining Crossing Broad. Only thing I’ll predict is that it’ll be a sloppy game because of the weather with multiple turnovers. Still, the Eagles will win – and easily too. Eagles 28, 49ers 13.

Kevin L: ??? (Probably the Eagles)

Chris: If they took care of Arizona and people thought it would be a trap game, I don’t see the Birds having problems. Even without Peters and Hicks and in crap conditions. Eagles 38, 49ers 9.

Tyler: Should be cut and dry this week. Best record in the NFL against one of the worst. The Niners have made strides this season, but not enough to compete with the Eagles, especially with a cross country trip. Should be a good game to get Big V comfortable and another win for the birds. Eagles 24, 49ers 13.

Kevin K: I’m mostly drunk on a brewery tour. Eagles 49, 49ers 0.

Kyle: It’s easy to say this game will be closer than the 13-point line, and the 49ers have lost four very close games. But the Eagles are arguably the best team in football and the 49ers are the worst. The line reflects that and I see no reason to doubt it. Eagles 31, 49ers 17.

Give us your predictions below.