Crossing Broadcast: Flyers Hockey and The Ben

Kyle, Adam and Russ discuss the Flyers’ first two games, Sixers’ preseason game, and preview the Eagles-Cardinals game.


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8 Responses

  1. I was at the game tonight. They might have lost, but wow, the looked really good. They were skating fast and just about every pass was on the money. They dominated puck possession and if I had to guess they were in the LA zone 75% of the game. I saw at least half a dozen times a Flyer pick pocketed a King of the puck, they just never gave up, it was absolutely refreshing to see that kind of play. There were a few times I was shouting “shoot the puck” and Jake was a culprit of this once again. Neuvy was really good and those two goals were goals that most would have trouble with. Quick stole the game for the Kings.

    My take away is that even though the lost the played a very solid and disciplined game

    1. What are you talking about? Mike just got another raise at 97.5 for his ratings spike.

    2. Yeah he got fired from his sports final Sunday show for disrespecting women . He always goes the extra mile to be down with the brothers . Backfired

  2. No doubt the Flyers are looking good. They are playing up on their skates which I like. They also have 2 netminders who can stand on their heads.

  3. Am I the only one who’s noticed the huge dip in comments ever since Kyle revamped the cheap ad bars and surveys?

    Just sayin… doesn’t look good for CB.

  4. I want to publicly thank the brave female writers from the tonight show for their heartfelt thank you notes to Hillary Clinton.

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