Crossing Broadcast: Panthers Game

Kyle and Russ discuss the Panthers game.


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8 Responses

  1. 5-1 , huge win on the road against the other top nfc team, in primetime, without Lane Johnson…… first round bye will be a reality this year. Fuck off to all the jobbers who said this is a 7-9 or 8-8 team.

    1. That would be every fugaze in the media except for me. My 11 win prediction is looking good.

  2. I think Cuz wet himself this morning about Carson. Also keeps saying kids. Sounds like a pedophile.

  3. Anything on Swartz trying to take Doug’s job or Blount getting cut?

  4. He literally commented last episode that this would be a great post game pod, with all three hosts participating and discussing the Eagles / Panthers game in full detail. Stop recording the pod at the crack of fcking dawn if you all can’t be available, Kyle. I think you’re overvaluing the “morning drive’ download factor beyond belief. If anything, the “drive home” download potential is just as valuable, if not more so.

    Lefko is the marquee talent after all, so work around his schedule/hangovers.

    I use the handle “Kyle’s Failed Podcast Venture” in jest; overall I’m a big fan of the podcast (and all of its former iterations) but I just think time and time again you make very peculiar decisions that affect the show in a slightly negative way. I think you’ll get the hang of it eventually (as I do think the podcast will become a permanent success).

    My 3 recommendations:

    1. Hire an engineer to record the show to improve audio quality overall.

    2. Stop recording the podcast at the crack of dawn.

    3. Start the show with actual bumper music. It’s dumbfounding that you had a pretty legitimate/professional show opening song for years, when the podcast was more of a CB side project. Now that you’ve gone ALL IN on the pod 3 days a week, you do a cold opening? It’s just perplexing is all.

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