Donovan McNabb Says Jared Goff Might be the Best Quarterback in the NFC

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Donovan McNabb is the arguably the greatest quarterback in Eagles franchise history.

There’s no disputing that.

But there was always that head-scratching quote or goofy air-guitar type of moment that made fans wonder what exactly was going through his head.

This morning he dropped a Jared Goff hot take:

I don’t think Jared Goff is the best NFC quarterback and I certainly don’t think he’s better than Carson Wentz. There’s a shared feeling among Eagle fans that McNabb seems hesitant to praise his successor, as if Wentz’s accomplishments will somehow diminish Donovan’s legacy here in town. I don’t think they should, but what do I know?

Said #5:

“…we look at all of these young quarterbacks, Jared Goff for instance, remember, I said it last year, the worst thing for him is have a defensive-minded head coach, and there’s no offensive guys there who can help develop him at the quarterback position. We were saying he might be the worst quarterback that was drafted first pick overall. Now all of a sudden, to be honest with you, he might be the best quarterback in the NFC. And he might even lead the league in passing if Tom (Brady) starts to fall off because of (LA head coach Sean McVay) and what they’re been able to do.”

Donovan isn’t wrong; Goff has looked like a completely different quarterback under Sean McVay. The Rams are 5-2 and first place in the NFC West. Who would have thought that shit-canning Jeff Fisher would lead to success?

Goff’s numbers:

  • 133 for 222
  • 1,719 yards
  • 59.9 completion percentage
  • 7.74 yards per pass
  • 246 yards per game
  • 9 touchdowns
  • 4 interceptions
  • 90.3 quarterback rating
  • 13 rushes for 45 yards and a touchdown

Pretty good numbers, but that completion percentage is on the low end. Tyrod Taylor, Deshaun Watson, and Trevor Siemian are all better in that department. Nine touchdowns puts Goff in a 15th-place tie. The running stats are about what you’d expect from a guy who isn’t gonna make a ton of plays with his feet.

Wentz’s numbers:

  • 126 for 207
  • 1,584 yards
  • 60.9 completion percentage
  • 7.64 yards per pass
  • 264 yards per game
  • 13 touchdowns
  • 3 interceptions
  • 99.6 quarterback rating
  • 32 rushes for 133 yards

Wentz’s completion percentage isn’t amazing either, but he’s throwing for more yards per game and has the superior TD/interception ratio. He runs the ball a bit better and is more of a scrambling threat.

Thing is, Goff had clunkers against Seattle and Washington (at home). Wentz lost in Kansas City, but didn’t look terrible doing it. Carson hasn’t had one of those games that makes you question whether or not he’s legitimate.

And this is just two guys we’re talking about. Is Goff better than Dak Prescott, Aaron Rogers, Matt Stafford, or Drew Brees?

For what it’s worth, McNabb has been complimentary of Wentz in the past, saying this after the Week 1 win in Washington:

“I do have love for Carson Wentz. So for all of you out there thinking I’m hating on Carson Wentz, pump your brakes a little bit.”

“But did we not see this the first four games last year when they came out 4-0 and everyone jumped on the Wentzylvania bandwagon heading into the Detroit game and then things went wrong? Let’s just relax. Let’s not let that happen again. I think they are a much better team. They have some veterans that have been effective, but I need to see them get more involved in the offense.”

Nothing wrong with that.

A few weeks later, he followed that up with this:

“He’s an intelligent guy. He understands his capabilities. He knows the prize and what’s in front of him. He works extremely hard. He’s prepared for it. He’s got a great career ahead of him. If he stays healthy and they continue to build around him, good things can happen.”

Whether Donovan is being genuine or not, it just always feels like something is off.

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13 Responses

  1. “Donovan McNabb is the arguably the greatest quarterback in Eagles franchise history.

    There’s no disputing that.”

    Um. What? There’s no disputing something that’s arguable? Okay then.

  2. In addition to the unarguable argument statement, what’s wrong with this sentence? “Donovan McNabb is the arguably the greatest quarterback?”

      1. Yikes. I really hope that wasn’t actually meant to be a joke and this is you trying to cover for yourself. Because if that’s your idea of “funny,” then I don’t know what to tell you.

  3. A couple wks ago, McNabb had a bunch of praise for Wentz, I believe after the cardinals game. His words indicated he was fully on board with Wentz. And talking about Goff right now he said he “may” be the best in the NFC.
    I didnt sense any hate or saltiness in his words right here, try not to take everything personal.

  4. “How dare McNabb not say Wentz is the best QB in the league and in this generation. McNabb is just jealous”

    That is the BS response I’m expecting from the sports radio moron callers and hosts.

  5. The Rams are becoming a formidable team. There is a good chance that the Birds lose both West Coast games. It’s a tough trip and I think they will fight hard in both games but come up a bit short. Everyone had them losing in Seattle and winning in LA. Now that’s a big question mark.

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