Here’s a Better Look at the Fletcher Cox Hit on Joe Staley

Shout out to my former co-worker Pat Gallen at CBS 3, who pulled this video of the Fletcher Cox hit from the station’s ground-level game footage:

It’s still hard to see exactly where the contact with Staley’s face occurs. The 49ers left tackle broke his orbital bone on the play and suffered a bleeding gash below his eye, so you wonder if Cox got his right hand inside the facemask. The Birds’ defensive tackle put his arms up after the play as if to say that he didn’t mean to injure Staley.

Earlier today, Adam Schefter reported that the NFL was reviewing this hit for “potential discipline and possible suspension.” Doug Pederson touched on the topic at his day-after press conference, explaining that the all-22 coaching video did not provide a good look at the incident.


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  2. So what about all the bloviating this morning about this being a viscous blind-side? He hit him straight-on, it’s not Cox’s fault and it’s not his job to guess that Staley was going to duck at the last second. No suspension and no fine, that was a clean play with unfortunate results.

  3. Looks to me like he hit Staley’s helmet and that is what did the damage, his helmet hitting his own face…just my two cents

  4. What would he even be fined for here? Looked like a collision more so than a deliberate act. Cox threw two blocks on the return and both were essentially dudes running right into him.

    Sucks that Staley was injured and glad he’ll be OK without surgery. Maybe trade for him now and Cox can take him out to a Del Friscos dinner to welcome him to the team.

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