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The chants come from the cavernous reaches of The Center. The star summons them with his hands. Trust the process!

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Sometimes you just need a 12-pack of nuggs before you hesi.

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Process, with a drop shadow.

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11 Responses

  1. Kyle, are you still going to pay us the one percent you promised from each t shirt you sell?

  2. Anyone watching this game? Holy crap this team is awful… No one can shoot at all. It’s embarrassing….. What is this hype???

    1. i wonder if the pajama boys who were hired here still think cowherd and russillo’s comments were hot takes? yeah you can fall back on the fact that a lot of sixers players in the lineup tonight won’t be getting regular playing time, but i don’t think any Celtics starter played tonight and they’re wiping the floor with the sixers. On top of that, Simmons moves great for a big guy, but he cant finish at the rim and he is a zero threat of pulling up to shoot so defenders can run with him all the way to the rim. Fultz looks better tonight, but whoever decide to fuck with his shooting form should be flogged. He looks like Shaq at the line. I think he’s going to be a good one in the long term, but he is going to struggle a lot this year with bad decisions/turnovers. Playoffs should be the ultimate goal for this team, but people are fooling themselves if they think it’s a guarantee.

  3. disable my IP address.
    This msg board is to tempting and i can’t control myself from commenting on the useless
    people magazine type drivel that doesn’t matter. Its not quit as bad as the
    kardashian bullshit, but its approaching that level.
    just disable it now and save yourself the trouble.
    besides, i didn’t get my ‘click’ payment kickback for september yet.

  4. On the shirt with embiid on it, what city is that silhouette supposed to be of? Because it damn sure ain’t Philly. Maybe that’s how Philly appears to assclowns like Kyle that grew up waaaay outside of Philadelphia, yet still answer the question “where are you from” with “Philadelphia”.

    1. wow man, that silhouette is a classic fuckup.
      This is even worse than the guys that sell shirts in the parking lot before/after the games.
      How could you fuck even THAT up Kyle?

    2. You know there’s more than one angle to view the sykline from, right? Go stand on the Art Museum steps and take a gander.

      1. What are you going to do when the 76ers sue you for stealing from them?
        Imbiids image, unofirm #, 76er colors etc.

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