Ruben Amaro Jr. As The Next Phillies Manager?

Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When everything seems to be going right in Philly, the return of Ruben Amaro Jr. would quickly bring the city back down to Earth.

According to Nick Carfado of The Boston Globe, the Phillies are eyeing several candidates to be the next manager, one of which being former Phillies GM and current Boston Red Sox first base coach, RAJ:

Other candidates believed to be in consideration for the Phillies include Dusty Wathan, manager of the franchise’s Triple A Lehigh Valley team; Larry Bowa, Philadelphia’s bench coach and the conscience of the organization; Red Sox first base coach Ruben Amaro Jr., the former Phillies GM who acquired some of the team’s top young players; Eric Wedge, who was MacPhail’s choice for the Orioles job ahead of Showalter; and Charlie Montoyo, who was recently promoted by the Rays to bench coach.

Overall not a bad list, which also reportedly includes Buck Showalter, the current manager of the Baltimore Orioles, but Carfado points out he still has a year left on his deal with the AL club.

Still, the mention of Amaro Jr. sticks out like a sore thumb among the short list. Some are skeptical of the full bore analytics route the Phillies are taking with Andy MacPhail and Matt Klentak, but hiring Amaro Jr. to replace him would be a way to ensure that they are never put to use, and that the MacPhail and Klentak never win over the fans completely.


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  2. This better be a joke. All of the good will and excitement the Phillies have built the last year will be gone if they hire Ruben. I will be so pissed. Please don’t.

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