What They Are Saying: Eagles Atop The NFL

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After a big win on Monday Night Football against the Redskins, the Eagles are the apple of the eye of many around the league.

Sports Illustrated’s MMQB was intrigued enough to be in the City of Brotherly Love on Monday night to take in the completion of the season sweep of the Redskins in person. Jenny Vrentas praised Carson Wentz after the win:

It’s saying something that Wentz, just 23 games into his pro career, can make the extraordinary look ordinary. The 24-year-old is leading the NFL in touchdown passes, with 17, and—most importantly—in the standings. The 6-1 Eagles have the best record in the league, and their franchise quarterback out of North Dakota State is a leading MVP candidate nearly halfway through the season.

It’s hard to believe that just 14 months ago, Wentz was a third-string quarterback on an Eagles team amid a post-Chip Kelly roster teardown. But his brilliant performance in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football served as a reminder—a painful reminder, if you live in Cleveland—of how the right quarterback makes anything seem possible. That’s true in the context of an individual play, and also for the season.

Her boss, Peter King, did a bonus MMQB podcast with Wentz, Merrill Reese, and Doug Pederson at Lincoln Financial Field focused on the young quarterback and his tremendous season thus far.

Even more coverage from SI today as Conor Orr posed the question if Wentz is second best active quarterback in the NFL today and also praised Jim Schwartz:

All instances illustrate his effectiveness, whether it be in the more traditional sense—a clean pocket where he makes the expectedly perfect throw—or in the muck when so many younger quarterbacks tend to crumble or hurl errant passes. The Eagles have shifted from the deep-ball game to series with certain zone-read concepts to series where LeGarrette Blount makes them a traditional power run and bootleg team—and no matter what happens during these personality changes, Wentz remains unfazed and brilliant.

SB Nation says Monday night’s win gives the Eagles complete control of the division, if it didn’t already end the race:

This victory pushes the Eagles to 6-1, giving them a commanding lead in the division. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the NFC East title race is already over. They are now 2.5 games ahead of Washington and the Dallas Cowboys, both sitting at 3-3. They also own a 3-0 division record, having beaten all their rivals in the first half of the season.

Up next for the Eagles are home dates with the winless San Francisco 49ers and 3-3 Denver Broncos, whose offense has cratered in recent weeks. There’s a strong chance they head into the bye week at 8-1. Normally it’s not wise to call a playoff race in late October, but it would take a stunning collapse for the Eagles to lose first place in the NFC East. With Wentz taking major strides forward in his second season, it’s hard to imagine Philly fading away any time soon.

Deadspin labeled last night’s game as Carson Wentz’s Breakout Party:

There’s a sort of progression that happens when a young quarterback who has the potential to actually be good one day comes into the league. At some point, hopefully during his rookie year, he does something that makes you say, “Hey, this guy might not suck!” After that comes, “Hey, wait, this guy might actually be an effective quarterback.” The next realization is the rarest: “Holy shit, this guy might be great.”

ESPN’s Tim McManus labeled Wentz a “rising star” with his play making the Eagles the real deal:

But great quarterback play is becoming more constant. With his four-TD performance Monday night, Wentz became the second player in franchise history with at least three passing touchdowns in three straight games, per ESPN Stats & Information. The most recent Eagle to accomplish that was Bobby Thomason in 1953.

Earlier this week, Washington coach Jay Gruden said he is “very upset” that Wentz ended up in the NFC East. He added that Wentz has “progressed at a rate as fast as anybody I’ve seen, really.”

Gruden seemed to understand what’s becoming clearer by the outing: Wentz is turning into a serious force in the NFL. His Eagles are riding high along with him.

Bleacher Report put the Eagles atop their newest power rankings and are fully on the Wentz Wagon, like everyone else:

Furthermore, the Eagles have an MVP candidate under center in Wentz. He leads all quarterbacks with 17 touchdown passes. Despite a questionable secondary, the front seven applies enough pressure to offset the holes in the pass defense. On Monday, rookie defensive end Derek Barnett flashed his pass-rushing skill with two sacks.

On the other side, the loss pushes Washington back to 3-3 on the season. With a lot of injuries suffered and Dallas Cowboys coming to town next week, things do not look bright for the Redskins and it was certainly portrayed that way by the Washington Post:

It’s one thing to be humbled. It’s another to have woes that might limit the team for an indefinite period.

“It’s very disappointing being the second time in a row we lost to them,” Reed said. “It was a huge, critical game for the NFC East. They outplayed us today. They deserved it.”

The game started in goofy fashion. It started with Washington hopeful of an upset. When it ended, it was clear the Eagles are more than a fleeting good team in a weird NFL season.

As for the Redskins, well, clarity just isn’t their thing, is it?

Looking at some other power rankings, the Eagles are atop the USA Today power rankings, but they still trail the New England Patriots in the ESPN rankings.

And just to ensure that all of this hype is unwarranted, For the Win compiled three videos to back up all of these claims that Wentz is legit and the Eagles are a force to be reckoned with.

It all looks positive for the Eagles moving forward, but there is work to be done. The divisional crown, home-field advantage, and taking that top spot away from the pesky Patriots.


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  1. Dark will win Blizzcon for Starcraft 2 and Wentz will win MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

    The NFC is a disgrace. the NFC east is a Disgrace.

    Only Andy is in the way.

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      Blood and gutts of WWII were replaced by millennial asswipes playing video games.
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  3. Real nice of malcom jenkins to give his black power salute after he sacks a white quarterback. And they wonder why the league is in trouble. Not a word from the media. Denial, deceit and delusion.

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