Your Monday Morning Roundup

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Joel Embiid. Drafted then injured. Ben Simmons. Drafted then injured. Markelle Fultz. Drafted then ???

Sixers head coach Brett Brown made some news over the weekend with the announcement that top overall pick Markelle Fultz will not start to begin the season. This move is leading some to wonder if Fultz is hurt than the team is leading on.

There was more injury news for Embiid over the weekend as well. He had his left knee rehabbed and he didn’t practice, but is expected to play in the season opener on Wednesday.

From injuries to roster moves, the Sixers waived Kris Humphries and Emeka Okafor, among other players.

The team opens the regular season on Wednesday night against the Wizards.

It was an Eagles-free weekend, let’s see what went down.

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The Roundup:

Sticking with the Sixers, one of the team’s young guns Justin Anderson did a great Q&A with Hoops Hype. He is a big fan of Embiid:

To be completely honest, he’s very shy. He’s not a very loud, obnoxious person. He’s very confident in his ability as a player and he’s very confident in who he is as a person, but he can be shy. He prides himself on being real, though, which I believe he is. I hang out with him a lot away from the court, either at his house or my house.

The biggest thing that I admire about him is his mentality. His mentality and mindset are just different from most players. I believe he has a chance to be the best player to play this game because of his mentality. His mindset is, “If I want to do something, I’m going to go do it.” You see it on the court. Guys are fouling him or struggling to guard him and he’ll yell, “He can’t guard me! Get him out of the game! He’s going to foul out!” He does everything in his power to put our team in a position to win.

Also, Embiid wrecked Hasan Whiteside on Twitter.

Now to the NFL, where it turned out to be a very good day for the Eagles, who were at home watching.

Perhaps the best news for the Birds came from outside the division as the Packers lost to the Vikings and lost Aaron Rodgers to a broken collarbone. Additionally, the Falcons fell to the Dolphins and the Steelers dealt the Chiefs their first loss of the season. With all that unfolding, the Eagles are in a PRETTY good spot:

They are tied for the best record in all of the NFL with the Chiefs and are getting recognition from the national media, too. Especially, Carson Wentz:

The Birds started to garner that attention after the big win over the Cardinals earlier this month. Malcom Jenkins was mic’d up for that one and he showcased why he is a leader of this team:

Eagles host the Redskins on Monday Night Football one week from today.

The Jets nearly beat the Patriots but got HOSED:

That didn’t stop Tom Brady from cursing loudly though.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars fell to the Rams and Dick Stockton just read what’s on the prompter:

Off the field, Colin Kaepernick filed a collusion grievance against the NFL teams/owners, including the Eagles.

Also, Roger Goodell’s wife has burner accounts to defend her beleagured husband:

“It was a REALLY silly thing to do and done out of frustration—and love.” Mrs. Goodell said Thursday afternoon in a written statement. “As a former media member, I’m always bothered when the coverage doesn’t provide a complete and accurate picture of a story. I’m also a wife and a mom. I have always passionately defended the hard-working guy I love—and I always will. I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future!”

Lastly, Hue Jackson may not have drafted DeShaun Watson, but apparently he texted him:

“I don’t know anything about that,” Jackson said after the Browns fell to 0-6 with a 33-17 loss to Watson and the Texans. “That’s so long ago. I met with that crew, and nobody asked me that. I met with the same crew, and that question never came up to me. I did text Deshaun before [the draft]. I was in conversation with him. But I don’t recall draft day at all.

On the ice, the Flyers offense rolled over the Capitals on Saturday night. Anthony SanFilippo gave his 10 takeaways from the 8-2 win. Here’s his first:

The atmosphere around the Wells Fargo Center was unlike any other regular season game I’ve seen in the 17 years I’ve been covering hockey games.

There was a buzz in the air from the minute you pulled into the parking lot. It reached a crescendo sometime in the third period where we were wondering if the Flyers might reach double-digits in goals.

And it wasn’t just the fans – it was the players too.

When I walked in the building, Claude Giroux, Jake Voracek and Wayne Simmonds were playing an intense game of horse in the bowels of the center. Giroux created one trick shot on the fly, passing it to himself off of a heating duct, and then tucking the ball under one leg in mid-air, handing it off from right hand to left before laying it in.

Not to be outdone, Voracek made an identical shot. The trio of veterans were on point from then, it had to translate to the ice, right?

Steph Curry has a foot fetish.

In College football, not a single game featured a match-up of two ranked teams, however, several top ranked teams tumbled, including Clemson, Washington, and Navy. With the losses, Penn State, who was on a bye, moved up the second in the latest Associated Press Top 25 Poll. it is the highest ranking for PSU since 1999. The Nittany Lions host #19 Michigan on Saturday night.

Temple lost to UCONN.

Former Temple coach Matt Rhule, still is searching for his first win at Baylor.

UCLA is mediocre this season and may be getting a new coach soon, according the new Public Enemy #1 here in Philly:

The MLB playoffs are in the championship series now…the Dodgers are leading the Cubs 2-0 in the NLCS after a three-run homer in the 9th last night and the Astros are up 2-0 on the Yankees after winning 2-1 for the second straight time to start the series.

The ALCS continues Monday night at 8 p.m. while the NLCS resumes on Tuesday.

In non-sports news…

At least 276 are dead in a devastating explosion in Somalia.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled Harvey Weinstein.

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7 Responses

  1. Stockton needed to retire 10 years ago. A flat out embarrassment. Are we allowed to worry about Embid now? Seriously, the Sixers are a 25 win team without him, maybe 30. Maybe. 2 pre-season games with limited minutes and he is already injured?

  2. I guess we will just keep getting top picks. Eventually, one will not be injury prone. No doubt Fultz shoulder (and knee) is injured. It was obvious with his foul shooting. I know he only shot 65% in college but that form is the form of someone who might shoot 40.

  3. Congrats to Jim Adair on his new position. The guy is one of the top hoops writers in town, his talents were probably wasted here.

  4. Flyers route the Caps 8-2 in the Home Opener and your RoundUp picture is of preseason bball and 1 sentence on the game.

    Now I remember why I never come here

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