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So that whole Markelle Fultz, shoulder thing? Yeah, it got way more confusing yesterday.

In the late morning, Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo met with the media to hopefully update the world on Fultz and provide some clarity:

Our Kevin Kinkead recapped the Colangelo presser and the Fultz situation.

Before the game, Brett Brown met with the media and reiterated that Fultz changed his shot over the summer.

Or did he? Again, Kinkead tried to make sense of the situation. Here is a part of his piece:

At the same exact time Brown was speaking to media at Wells Fargo Center, Fultz’s trainer and mentor, Keith Williams, was on 94 WIP’s Carlin and Reese show… saying the exact opposite.

This exchange begins with Williams being read Brown’s comments, almost in real-time:

Williams: “Oh my God.”
Carlin: “What’s your reaction?”
Williams: “That’s false.”
Carlin: “Not true?”
Williams“That’s not true.”
Carlin: “It all has to do that he was injured and he was trying to alter it?”
Williams: “Yeah… just from the standpoint of why would a kid attempt to change his shot, he shot it so well. So I’m like, what would be the reason behind that?”

So…who do you believe? Either way, Fultz is out for at least a few games.

The Roundup:

The Sixers did take the court last night against the Houston Rockets and it was as frustrating as the Fultz situation. Philly stayed with Houston for most of the game, but fell on a buzzer beating three-pointer after going scoreless for the final 3:05 of the game.

Here are the last possessions for each team:

The Sixers will take on Dallas on Saturday night. Game starts at 8:30pm.


Yesterday a #Wentzageddon took place on Twitter as people dug up the worst takes about Carson Wentz, the NFC offensive player of the week. BWanksCB compiled some of the best, this personally is my favorite:

What exactly is a “game manager?”

Anyway, Josh Norman certainly thinks highly of Wentz:

The fans are buying in, as according to Fanatics, he has the highest selling jersey right now.

As do all the guys on Crossing Broadcast, who discussed Wentz on Wednesday’s podcast.

However, Andrew Perloff is a Wentz detractor, and wrote this for Sports Illustrated:

Wentz-mania is the latest source of false hope in Philadelphia. His early-season success is particularly cruel. He leads the NFL with 17 touchdown passes and the Eagles (6-1) have the best record in the League. He’s big, strong, smart and accurate. And as great as he is as a player, he’s even a better person. All of which makes Wentz’s arrival in Philadelphia that much crueler. He may be able to overcome the Redskins defense, but can he overcome decades of football history?

It’s not hard to see the particular form of heartbreak Wentz will deliver to Southeastern Pennsylvania. Like many young QBs, Wentz plays like he’s invincible. His signature play on Monday night was a Houdini-like escape from a gaggle of Redskins defenders. Jon Gruden calls him “North Dakota Tough.” I just scream at the TV, “Get rid of the ball!”

Wentz isn’t alone. Young quarterbacks come into the NFL, hold on to the ball, run around make great plays and capture the nation’s attention. Then they have a choice – get injured or adjust your game. Wentz isn’t as fragile as a phenom like Robert Griffin III. He’s much closer to Andrew  Luck. At 6-foot-5, 237 pounds, Wentzprobably thinks he’ll be okay. So did Luck and eventually enough big-league hits took him down.

World Series Game 2 was CRAZY. Home runs, extra innings, and no audio. When it finally ended, the Astros defeated the Dodgers, 7-6 in 11 innings. History was made by The Man as well:

The series moves to Houston. Game 3 is at 8:09 p.m. on Friday.

I’m not sure whether the Phillies should draft him or if Jay Wright should offer him a full scholarship:

Speaking of the Phillies, Dusty Wathan emerged as the new favorite for the manager job.

The Flyers travel to Ottawa tonight. Puck drops at 7:30 p.m.. The Fly guys look to move past a tough 6-2 loss, but the ice crew might have had an even worse night on Tuesday. Some great reporting by our Anthony SanFilippo:

So, while the rest of the writers went to listen to coach speak from Hakstol, I went to seek out answers about the ice.

I mean, to be fair to the Flyers’ ice crew, they are frequently at the top or near the top of the rankings of all NHL arenas when it comes to ice conditions.

So this had to be an anomaly, right?

I hunted down a Wells Fargo Center source who I knew would have the answers, and he told me the arena pre-game was at 80% humidity because of the weather outside.

He said it’s actually been an issue for most of the home stand, and that they have been trying to manage it, but today, after the rain, it got really humid and it was impossible to correct in time for the game.

“The one thing we can’t control is the weather,” he said. “You don’t always think that an indoor venue can be affected by the weather outside, but it can considerably. We need it to turn to real October temperatures soon so it can feel like Fall.”

With La Nina coming – meaning a mild winter, that might not be the case.

I will give credit to Hakstol though for addressing this in his press conference and basically telling his players to stop carping about the ice, because a 6-2 loss can’t be blamed on the ice.

Read the rest of his takeaways from that loss to the Ducks.

Nolan Patrick left that game early, but practiced and should be good to go.

The Eagles are the highest favored team this week and should win, as long as Pete Morelli isn’t fighting that. Luckily, he doesn’t work the game:

For those of you not going to the game, you get the Fox B team:

As for the Birds’ roster, Jason Peters was officially put on IR. Insert Taylor Hart. Jordan Hicks is still on the roster.

The daughter of well known Phillies beat writer, Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia, is having some medical issues. This donation page was put up yesterday. Do what you can.

Former NBA commissioner David Stern thinks players should be allowed to smoke weed:

“I’m now at the point where personally I think it probably should be removed from the banned list. You’ve persuaded me.”

The Steelers are benching Martavis Bryant after his outburst complaining about his situation in Pittsburgh.

Cam Newton is still an ass:

In non-sports news…

How I Met Your Mother is leaving Netflix.

McDonald’s is bringing back the Dollar Menu.

Fats Domino passed away yesterday.

And there may have been a sonic boom in Jersey yesterday.

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